A long time ago, we're talking about some 20 years here, there was a thriving merchant town called Vaalnor, with one of the greater populations in all of Phoria. Wealth poured into the area at an alarming rate and to everyone but the poorest peoples. Especially the surrounding farmer villages who had to watch every day how the fat nobles walked by pass their farms with smiles on their faces and pointing at them. After a long time sitting by and taking all this abuse they decided to take action and formed an army of their own.

Their leader under the name of Jhon Grage knew the cities' weak points and that it was barely protected by guards. It had a garrison, but it consisted of men who had never seen battle or action. John had seen his part of despair and horror, his family was murdered by a group of bandits who destroyed his village while he was away on duty. He served in battle which was not uncommon under the farmer populace. They were used by the larger cities in the Resource Wars with Oro. The farmers were promised money and lands, so they signed up.

The End

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