The Sleeping GameMature

This is a sudden fiction paper meddling in untraditional points of view of two girls that help each other through war.

 Her mind woke in unexeptional darkness. The lack of light was completely traditional for her, almost compelling as she rose, pausing for her eyes to dilate. She lingered, pausing only to become aware of any new variables. Curbing the light, she felt her mind painstakingly mapping her surroundings once more.

I’d been watching her for a while, waiting for her awake. Tovah had admirable intelligence, but the sleep capacity of a lion. I pleaded for her to wake up. Some days, we would watch each other, partaking in mental races to see who could stay awake the longest. Continually others beat her, but not I. She always gave in.

Without distinction, she craned her vision on the floor over to the wall and squinted in the direction adjacent to hers, finding Maria. Her eyes smiled a weak grin as she saw Maria’s eyes open wide. Both Maria and Tovah were glad to have one another, benifital to being housed in the same block.

After pausing as Tovah checked her surroundings, I awed at her as she finally looked towards me. I almost wanted her to be asleep, it would ease them wouldn’t it? After all, Isn’t that what they wanted? They always told us to be quiet. Tovah and I both had lost our parents in the war, succumbing to any viable source of comfort. I shared many chats with Tovah, and I taught her how to make words with her hands. I felt for her, but not sympathy. I felt for Tovah because we both shared the same fates, and because she remains the closest girl I’ve had to a friend since my parents died. I miss the days where we could talk.  They patrol this block more nowadays.

Tovah stared at Maria, smiling at the thought that they were here, awake in the morning. The pair formed a strong bond, staring at each other’s faces every morning. They did this throughout they day, and then they’d have to play the sleeping game again, waiting to see who would fall asleep first. But they were great full for what they had, and what they had in each other.

 I sensed one of the older man’s footsteps as he came along, and I motioned to Tovah, jerking my head while holding up three fingers. Both of us snapped into composure. I don’t exactly believe wasn’t a powerful figurehead, but he seemed like he acted that way to us.

The taste of water was rejuvenating for Tovah. Differentiated through the window she felt sharp. After a long night, the beverage kept her awake, surprisingly long enough to think. Retaining composure, both Tovah and Maria took deep breaths took deep breaths to abstain her body temperature.  Squeezing the hand of the young man sitting adjacent to her, she broke a smile. With a bump in the ground, Tovah felt her head brush back, and the breath of his on her skull.  Both of the girls reached out their spare hand in an outreach to each other. There was a gap of hope and they both new it, yearning at the passing thought. The man murmured a soft phrase into her ear and she broke out smiling. Dwelling in her stomach was the rebellious churning adventure she was partaking on, fueling the fear in her eyes.  

            They took Tovah and I outside today. It was the first time since last year when they put us here. I saw a line of a large group of men, as they were lined up against the wall between blocks 11 and 12. I bent down and covered Tovah’s ears as a line of gunshots pierced the light. The SS had something else planned for us, and as fate had it, Tovah went first. They took us to the post, tying a long noose to our wrists behind our backs. Tovah looked at me, wailing in paroxysm. “WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO US, MARIA?!? And I could only watch as the SS Guard pulled the lever, dropping the floor underneath us. It twisted our wrists back head-over-head. I hung there from a single shoulder joint staring pain in the eyes. Tovah, she snapped instantly, falling to the floor, as she was always the worst at the sleeping game. I blamed myself, she was only 8.

The End

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