The rays of sunlight suddenly filtered into the room as Alice drew back the curtains. The heat from the atmosphere intensified as she opened the windows. The sides of her mouth lifted into an amused smirk when she heard the groans coming from across the room, belonging to Harper and Davis.

"Alice, what are you doing?" Harper groaned, his face appearing from the other side of the couch as he sat up. He squinted at her figure and an expression of annoyance crossed his face.

"It's past noon. I think six hours of sleep is enough for us." She said, crossing the living room and heading towards the kitchen, getting ready to prepare a simple breakfast for the three of them.

She could hear the groans and grumbles coming from the guys but shunning them aside, Alice started to make a morning meal they'd all be satisfied with. Her ears weren't keen to hear them complain about the meal. She knew not to expect that. Many days of this same routine had taught them all to surpress any complaints they had about any aspect of how they were living. They had all grown accustomed to coming back to their house, feeling exhausted and weary before falling down onto one of the several couches that invited them. Waking up at untimely hours had become a habit too, and it was usually Alice who did this.

Organising the simple breakfast of fried eggs and toast onto three plates, Alice headed towards the living room where Harper and Davis were slumping against their couches. The moment she entered with food, both of their faces brightened, just like she'd known they would. They'd almost gone ten hours without food and all of them were starving.

Harper and Davis joined Alice and took their seats across her, starting to eat their breakfast.

"Thanks Alice," Davis said, glancing up at her with a crooked smile on his face. "The food's great."

"You're welcome," she said back softly. Her eyes settled on Davis' face, watching him for a minute. I wonder what would have happened if he hadn't covered me. She was feeling grateful towards him and made a mental note to thank him personally later, though these incidents have grown common in this 'business'.

"So what's the plan Al?" Harper asked, trying to start up a conversation amidst the silence.

She chewed on her toast for a while, thinking things over before answering. "I think it be best to visit our respective Guardians. They'd want to know how the venture went."

Her eyes flickered to Davis and she smiled at him before saying, "Nevertheless, you should go see Doc. Your wounds need to be taken care of before you go into any futher practice sessions."

"Of course." Pouring orange juice from the carton into his glass, he took a sip and then stood up. "I'd  better be on my way. Doc probably has others to attend to and it would be better if I was the first in line."

"See you later at the chamber then?" Harper asked and Davies nodded with a light smile before walking out the room, shutting the door with a light click. Harper turned his attention to Alice and asked her with a questioning look, "I assume you haven't told him yet?"

She sighed in response and answered with a shrug. "I just can't find the right time. Besides, we all have more important things to attend to. Best we get on with that."

Harper watched her move swiftly across the room, taking the plates towards the kitchen and he got up and followed her. After she dumped the utensils into the sink, she turned around and sighed again, sounding more exapserated.

"So...visiting the Guardians eh?"


The End

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