Justice Badminton

As the sun began to rise Harper rubbed his eyes. Alice's soft snore had long been his only company, and he was growing wearier be the second. He knew he was close to home. The roads were slowly curving back and forth through the dense foliage, the sky was turning red with the morning sunlight, and there were fewer and fewer roads veering off into the seemingly green nothingness.

Finally the grey stone walls and worn red paint of a massive iron gate appeared before him and he could let a small sigh escape. Ten hours he'd been driving, and he didn't plan on doing it one second more than was necessary.

Leaving the keys in the ignition, he jumped out of the car and slunk half asleep toward the gate. As he reached his hand toward the metal, the voice of a guard made him flinch. "Halt! This is private property and only-"

"Brian, shut up! Open the gate!" Harper shouted. He didn't have the patience for Brian's stupidity at nearly six A.M. There was no answer, only the click of the lock coming undone and the whining of the rusted hinges as it swung partially open.

He pulled it open, the bottom digging through the raised dirt making the job all the longer and harder. He swore under his breath and muttered about his luck, most resembling "You'd think killing demons, I might have just the smallest bit of karma coming back to me!"

With a final frustrated kick delivered to the, rather hard, iron, he made his way back to the car and slammed the door. Davis shot up in alarm, hand reaching for a sword that wasn't there. He took a second to calm down even after catching site of both Harper and the gates to the village, but calmed quickly after seeing that Alice was fine.

"Look like you've seen a ghost." Harper said, even barely awake not missing a chance to take a jab at him.

Davis mumbled something that sounded like "Justice badminton", but Harper could only guess he was saying "Just a bad dream." Of course Harper could understand that, once you'd seen your friends injured or killed, you started getting dreams that would haunt you until your own death. Or at least, long enough for the next onset of nightmares to be born and take over.

Harper started driving slowly through the gate. Slowly, because he had more then once hit a bump in the dirt road that pushed him into the gate, and he really wasn't in much of a mood for early morning repairing and painting.

Finally surpassing the grey walls, Harper and Davis were greeted by the sight of many houses scattered across a large amount of land, all in a circle around the main shrine. 

All I have to do is park and sleep.

The End

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