Swords And Secrets In The Heart

Blinking rapidly, Davis sat up, his head pounding. The back of his head was sore, but he couldn't remember why. He looked around slowly at first, finding that it wasn't just his head that was sore.

When he sat up, along with a sudden feeling of lightheadedness, he saw the entire wall on one side had been blown in. That's when he remembered. The storm of debris, the shaking, Alice underneath him. He looked around though she was nowehere to be seen. He realized he had been pulled out of the rubble. I must have been knocked unconscious.

Still not quite all there, he started down the stairs, wondering where Alice could have possibly gone. I wonder if she found the demon? he thought. I should have been there to help her. Harper was stuck outside with that old woman.

He opened the front door, the first thing he saw was the truck. The trunk had been left open, and the lights were on. With our luck the battery will go dead out here. he thought with a smirk. He looked around for Harper, who had been trapped there. He thought maybe he'd rescue Harper from the old woman by having him close the trunk, just to have a good reason to break away from her. But the more he searched the more he realized Harper and the old lady had long gone.

A shrill demonic scream filled the air. The few parts of his brain that had still been off flicked on. He drew his sword and held it out in front of him, making his way to the back of the house.

The sight both shocked him, and made him wish he had a camera. Alice and Harper, swords drawn, faces red and sweating, were fighting the old woman. One of them had cut a gash into her arm, and Davis could see that long talons had grown from her fingers.

The demon woman crouched on the ground, panting, the two demon slayers watching her cautiously. Davis was sneaking up behind her, ready to give the death blow. She screamed again, launched from the ground and flew at the other two.

They rolled to the side and Harper struck her with his sword on the same side as her other wound. The demon let out another high, shrill scream, but kept running at impossible speeds. She turned around, and that's when she saw Davis, standing there alone by the house.

He readied himself, sword held in both hands, as she panted and watched. Alice and Harper still had no idea he was behind them, so when the demon charged they rolled aside again, but the demon moved right past them. Davis stood still as a statue, right until it jumped.

With a yell, he thrust the sword up as the demon brought her hand down. Davis closed his eyes, fearing he'd misjudged her striking range. For a second, he thought he was going to die. But just one. He felt the force of her body hitting his sword, piercing the demons heart. As quickly as the pressure had hit, it was gone.

It was pretty anti-climatic, and he must have looked like a fool with his eyes closed so tightly, holding a sword white knuckled like that. There wasn't so much as a little smoke to suggest anything or anyone had ever been there at all. She was just gone. As all demons were, once they had been killed by a demon slayer's blade.


The black SUV sped down the road, far past the speed limit. Alice was in the passenger seat, Harper was driving, and Davis was sleeping in the back. Though they hadn't told him, when they saw Davis they couldn't believe he was standing.

He had blood running down his face from a deep cut that went from the side of his forehead down to his cheek. His leg looked like it had been through a blender, or ripped at by a vicious animal. His back was littered with tiny pieces of glass from a broken window. All of that, and he claimed he could only feel the gash on the back of his head.

"So, what happened after we went inside anyway?" Alice asked. She'd come out unscathed from whole ordeal, though she had been playing with her brown hair guiltily. She knew that was all thanks to Davis, and she hadn't even thanked him. Just part of the job, I guess.

"The old lady cried for a few seconds after you went inside, then just attacked, I -" Harper stifled a yawn, he didn't know how Davis could drive through such a boring, unchanging environment without a break. "I told you already."

"I was just wondering how you got away." Alice said, staring out her window at the night sky.

"Well when the claws grew I kind of figured something strange might be going on, " he stopped briefly as she slapped his arm.  "So I pushed her away and got my sword. Then, we just kind of fought around until she jumped up through the attic and ran to the back of the house."

She sighed then, and silence claimed the car for several minutes. The scenery never changed, and the road stayed straight. It was all starting to lull Harper to sleep. The dark night wasn't helping him stay awake much either.

He needed to keep her talking, just to keep himself awake, so he went with the first thing that came to mind. "So, is our little hero back there awake yet?"

She looked back at him, head against the window, face and shirt drenched with his blood, and she felt sick. She knew it was her fault. He had been coming downstairs, she distracted him, and he jumped right into the blast to cover her.

She looked back at Harper, hoping her sudden vile feeling wouldn't show. "Yeah, he's out like a rock."

"Did you tell him you like him yet?"

The End

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