The Slayer(Chapter two)

   A few hours after Jake had left, I just stood there with the fellow chefs. Nobody else came in that day. 

   Most of us just sat there, talking. Mostly me and my friend, Michael. We were the two apprentices. Sarah and Michael. Ha! Imagine us going out and becoming slayers, right? We'd be dead in seconds. Michael's mentor, David, usually is with Tara and Judith. The six of us, including my mentor Barney, were the capitol's chefs. Just then, I heard a crash outside. Each of us stood and ran to grab a knife, in case it was a dragon like last time. 

   Oh, yeah. We've had a dragon break in once or twice...Nothing to big for the slayers to handle, though. No way. 

   Anyways, as all of us looked around, we noticed nothing. Nothing. And more nothing. Me and Michael exchanged glances. Both of us were confused and mortally terrified. Not to mention I was younger. I'm fifteen, and he's eighteen. He'll be a professional chef in two years. And he seems more afraid than me.

   I looked around, "Want me to investigate?" I asked Barney, the head chef. He nodded, as though not caring if I got chewed into a million tiny meaty pieces. You gotta love Barney.

   I ran outside, then heard the door slam behind me. I looked around, seeing nothing again. I began to search the perimeter, mind spinning. There had to be something. I clutched the knife in my hand even tighter. "Where are you..." I thought out loud.

   Two golden eyes met mine, and I found myself staring straight at a baby dragon. My dagger raised and spun towards it, but it's mighty wings whacked it aside, and I stood there, defenseless. 

   The giant yellow and red flared baby dragon was little taller than me, and it was stronger than the average person. Its golden eyes changed to green. Its head lowered to mine, and looked me straight in the eye.

   Jake's yell corrupted, "Sarah! Watch out!" He yelled, shoving me aside. His sword raised and the dragons eyes grew red, and I screamed, running forward and leaped at Jake, knocking us both down. The dragon roared, wings flapping angrily and it lifted, high into the misty air. 

The End

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