Sharp IvoryMature

A rather loud rumble from deep of a beast’s throat filled the boy’s ears which sen t a shiver down his spine.

"Oh man! Pork chop sounds hungry!" said a ragged dwarf slave, rattling the metal bars of his cage with an empty pewter bowl "hungry for green meat!"

With a few snorts, a large wild boar with two pairs of sharply curved tusks came thumping through eyes ablaze, letting slobber fall down its prickled chin. its deep grunts were enough to make the orc quake. the blistering sun hanging loosley above was clearly not the reason for his sweating.

The pig lowered its head, dragging its front foot deep in the sand, let its saliva fly as it let out a bellowing roar. but to the slave king's surprise and delight, the young orc bellowed back, trying to outdo himself.

With this display of dominance, the boar charged forward blindly, shaking it's head side to side as it went. the orc dodged, leaping in a side roll letting the boar crash its body hard into the slave pen wall.

the orc was on high alert, and never let his golden eyes leave the beast, even though the heckaling of the other slaves was apparent.

"Run, piggy! Run!" laughed the slave driver.

the boar, shaking away the aftershock, preppared itself for another charge, grunted another deep throat roar.


The End

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