The Slave KingMature

An orc is captured from his orcish nomadic life into a life of slavery. but there is a reason why there are no orc slaves. this young green skin needs to prove his worth and live as long as possible to hopfully escape. based on war, races and bloodshed in a whole new world

Everyones always excited when a new slave arrives on the port bently prison. Weighed down by heavy corroded chains dragging underfoot, drapped in nothing but aged linen covering its dignity; it meant only one thing to the other inmates.

Fresh meat.

More like green meat.

It was an orc male no doubt; light green pigment, a small black braid from his head top hung short. five foot and had plenty of muscle and baby fat, as well as a pair of small ivory white tusks revealed from his underbite, emphasizing  his youth; a mere adolesant, with plenty of life ahead of him. Shame really. Seems the slave kings are going for younger breeds of mortal races for that exact reason. as the old saying goes 'old dogs dont learn new tricks'.

All it meant for the other inmates is that it meant new slaves. new slaves meant more sales. the younger would sell first, and the older will still fester in the cells. potentually that meant room would be needed, and removing old cattle would commence. Until then, the other inmates would have their fun with this one.

"Hey greenskin!" an aged one would mock, "dont you look tasty? mmmm your gonna fit real well here!"

The boy said nothing, for what was their to say? He was frightened. Taken from his nomadic Orcish life thrown into the slave trade with the other sorry fuckers.

The elven slave-driver prodded the young orc sharply in the back shoulderblade with the end of his quarter staff. The orc did wince at the pain he was recieving, baring his teeth, but refused to rise his head to face his captours.

The orc's were always a proud race, but this was usually over shadowed by their stereotypicall savagery and their occasional blood raids of humans that invaded their lands. for this reason, it would make sence if the other slaves would fear him. but hes too fresh from his ma's caring embrace. he'll be the target of many vengeful humans.

Poor kid is in for a hell of a ride.

The orc came to a stop and was presented to the slave king; a human wall of muscle missing a left eye, and chin covered in an untrimmed thick beard. thrown over his broard shoulder was a large hammer made of the hardest granite, stained pink from overusage. The orc froze. he didnt need to rise his head to notice the long necklace of orc teeth hanging from the king's neck.

The human gave the orc an unintrested look, then glanced at the slave driver.

"What the fuck is this piece of shit?" he grunted.

There wasnt a rat in the whole bently prison who didnt hear the elf gulp down his nerves.

"T-this is a bit of the loot from our last raid, sir-

"I can see that, shithead, im asking why do you have green filth before me?"


"wernt thinkin' were ya?"

the elf sighed, defeated "No sir."

He snarred at his raid member, then faced the orc snarring more. sniffing the air made him grunt in annoyance.

"You stink. like green filth." he seethed before spitting on the ground by the boy's feet.

with a swift motion, the king grabbed the orc roughly by the chin, letting his eyes narrow as he inspected the boy's face. the action alone made the orc gnash his teeth and make a low growl from his throat.

"Barely a scratch on ya, filth. not even a tribal tattoo to symbolize adulthood. your practically a fresh piece of dogfood." he chuckled sickly.

with a push, he let go of his hold on him, letting him fall backward into the elf roughly.

"Now give me one good reason, green filth, why i would bother feeding and owning an orc barely of age, whom no one would want to purchase? Seeing as your race is responcible for the slaughtering of many good men and raping of women, what use would you be to my customers other than a punching bag? I personally think its perfect for you."

with a step forward, the orc couldnt help but stare his feral eyes at the king's cold grey ones.

"Prove me wrong, savage."

"Ashdaustas Vrasubatlat, lulgijak!" the boy spat, clenching his fists through the cuffs, letting his anger flow through his veins. this only thrilled the king with the green skins febile attempts. he gave the elf another glance "release him from his chains."

"but sir-

"You dare question me, fucker?"

"Right away!" getting the message quickly after, the elf made quick work of the orc's restraints, letting them fall on the sand floor with a clank. He gladly flexed his fingers and rubbed his wrists, doing his best to retain blood flow. by the time he looked up to question his captour, the king and his lackey were walking toward a pig hide stable, undoing the lock at the front and letting the wooden gate swing open. making a bit of a jog, the two men moved away from the sand pit and reemearged on a tall balcony over looking the other slave pens and the orc standing in the middle.

"I said prove it to me. Show your worth, green filth, and i just might let you live."

Standing in a fighting stance it was clear that the boy was a novice. He showed no confidence with his stance, and was undoubtly shaking on the spot. novice or not, he could still recognise the smell from the stable. it was thick and strong on his nostrils, and increased his fear tenfold.

It was male musk.

From something big.


this is my attempt at something different. the words that the orc speaks are orcish and literrally mean 'i will kill you one day, pussy/or elf'. would love to hear what you think of it so far - thanks, bowkami <(^.^)>

The End

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