Orin sat on the windowseat, looking out over suburbia.  It was so quiet just before the dinner hour.  She lowered her eyes to regard the bracelet that now rubbed and chafed her hand raw.  Tears built in her lower lashes and fell silently down her cheeks.  She missed her penthouse, empty now.  When would she see it again?

Since her incarceration, Orin could not think of it as anything but, River had denied her the use of the phone or the internet.  She had glared at Orin icily and informed her that as her slave she would get priviledges when she'd proved that she'd earned them.

Orin had quickly retorted as to how River would want that proven.  In response River had seized her by the hair and proceeded to show her exactly what she demanded in a slave.  The experience had left Orin shaken, laying exhausted on the floor at River's feet.

Orin shook herself out of her reverie, leaning her forehead against the glass.  Tears fell faster as she realized that the sun was sinking below the horizon and that in an hour River would no doubt require Orin to attend her.

She got up wearily, crossing the bedroom to the bathroom, pulling her hair off of her neck with an ornate clip.  She wished, as she locked the door behind her and started the shower, that she'd thrown the bracelet away as soon as she discovered it.


Shalynne slammed her shoulder into the door as it stuck stubbornly in the jamb.  It gave a small 'pop' and threw her into the front hall of Orin's apartment.  She stumbled, brushing white-blond hair out of her eyes and caught her balance. 

"Orin?" she called, putting her purse and keys on the end table.  The front hall was silent.  The curtains were drawn against the sunshine outside.  Faintly, she could hear Shadow, Orin's cat, mewling from her bedroom. 

Shalynne frowned, putting the coffee on in the kichen after opening the curtains and the windows.  She stopped and stared about her, always envious that Orin lived in this beautifully restored penthouse.  For a professional escort, Orin did quite well for herself. 

She looked in the bathroom, checking to see if Orin had gone on some errands.  But no, the towels were still hung on the rack where the maid, Maria, had hung them yesterday.  Perhaps Orin had gone to the gym.

She crossed the hall and went to the bedroom.  The door was firmly shut and Shadow was trapped inside.  That alone made Shalynne feel sick to her stomach.  She opened the door to find the bed untouched, Shadow almost completely disappearing against the yellow comforter.

Shalynne knew something was wrong then.  Orin always spent the night at home.  Never, ever with clients.  When Shalynne asked her, some years before Orin had smiled and said that she preferred the comfort of her own home.  Besides, she's laughed, Shadow was the best bed companion she'd ever had.

"Are you hungry, kitty?" She asked, cuddling Shadow in her arms.  Shadow replied with a plaintive meow.

"I know honey, I know," Shalynne muttered, nuzzled the top of the cat's head as she went to the bedside table and called the police.

The End

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