The Sky Is Falling Down On MeMature

    “Haha. Shut up.” She giggled. “It’s not my fault that I cry at the end of the movie. It’s just... Rose and Jack have a love that SOME people will never understand because they’re dumb boys.”
    “Well. I love you. That’s all the love I need, I don’t have to have Rose and Jack be my model because I think I love you quite sufficiently!” He teased. He touched her sides softly and leaned his face close to hers, breathing in the sweet vanilla that was her perfume. The way the warm, sugary scent made him tingle in his core was the sort of comfort that he didn’t find anywhere else on the world. He knew that right where he was in this moment, laying with her, was the only place he ever needed to be.
    The door upstairs slammed open, a loud drawling voice rang angrily, seemingly shaking the house. “GODDAMN IT, BRETT. HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES DO I NEED TO TELL YOU NOT TO LEAVE THE LIGHT ON?”
    His heart sank through the floor. His father wasn’t supposed to be home tonight, how could he have slipped up like this? He was always careful to never let Grace come near him. “Stay right here,” he whispered, “don’t move. Please, don’t move.”
    She sat frozen on the couch, too petrified to even move. “Okay.”
    He went up the creaking stairs and opened the door at the top, afraid of what was in the kitchen on the other side. It was much worse than he thought. It was a sloppy embarrassment of a man lounging lazily in the wooden chair at his table. The smell of old vomit and Jim Beam washed away all of the good memories of vanilla warmth Brett still had. “Dad. I think you should probably go to bed. Here, let me help-” Brett reached his hand out to help his father stand up and stopped in the same instant. The enormous mess stood and raised a large, hairy hand. The hand came down, smashing across Brett’s face like a brick. Brett fell against the wall and wiped his lip, checking for blood. Yeah, it was there.
    “Don’t fucking tell me what to do, you miserable FUCK! This is MY house!” the man bellowed. “When I get back, you’re DEAD.” He sauntered out of the house in a drunken stupor that could only be described as an unsightly show of his lack of moral character.
    Brett stood. “Fuck you, dad.” He whispered toward the door. He then turned and went back to the basement. He saw Grace, perched on the couch in the same frightened position that he had left her in. “Grace? Are you okay?” He said gently, trying not to alarm her. His words melted her frozen form and she stood, rushing to him. She hugged him so tightly. He felt warm, wet spots on his shirt. She was crying.
    “Oh, Brett! Are you okay?” she sobbed. She looked up at him and noticed the blood on his face. “Oh my god. He hit you! Oh my god. We have to call the police. Now.” She went to her purse and started searching for her phone.
    “No, you can’t.”
    “Watch me.”
    “Brett, I’m calling them.”
    “NO!” He boomed. He grabbed her wrist and wrenched the phone out of it, snapping it shut and throwing it forcefully onto the couch. “I said no, we can’t call them.”   
    Grace’s face went pale white. She struggled under his steel grasp to free her wrist and he finally let go. The blood surged painfully back through the veins in her wrist. She grabbed her purse, phone, and jacket and ran up the stairs. “Stay away from me,” she whispered, “don’t come any closer.”
    “Grace... I didn’t mean it.”
    “Please. Leave me alone.” She walked through the kitchen and paused at the broken dishes on the floor.
    “Grace, I love you. I would never hurt you. Don’t leave, please. It’s just him, he won’t change. He’ll kill me if you call the police.” He begged.
    Grace looked at him and said loudly “I want to help you. I want to call them. Now. I’m going to as soon as I leave. I don’t care what you say, they can help. They can help you. He doesn’t have to do that ever again.”
    Suddenly, anger pulsed in Brett like it never had before. “I said no!” Faster than he knew he did it, his hand flew up and struck her face. He watched in horror as she hit the ground in the same way he always had. She looked so helpless and small, just as he always had. What did he become?
    “STAY AWAY FROM ME.” She screamed. She tore out of the old screen door into the night. He walked after her, but she was gone. There was nothing left but the raven night, there wasn’t even a moon for him to look to. He was a monster. He was alone. He was his father’s son.

The End

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