Chapter 2

Mom said that I will like our new house because it is big and there is a small creek behind it. She also said that there there are a lot of kids my age, so I shouldn't have trouble making new friends. But I wasn't sure if I wanted to start over and make new friends. I felt like I was betraying my old friends somehow--especially Peter because he was my special friend, the kind you could only find once in a lifetime. 

I looked out the window as we went through cities and over bridges and next to lakes. I wondered how long I would be in this car for. I wondered what our new house would look like. Nobody had told me that we were moving and nobody told me where we were moving. 

When we got to the house, I could see why mom liked it. I would have liked it if I hadn't been so angry that we were moving. It was a huge brick house with a tower jetting out on the right side. There was a wrap-around porch that I could imagine myself sitting and reading on during the summer. It seemed like a great house, and all the houses around it looked nice too. But I missed my friends and I wasn't ready to start all over again. 

The End

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