The Sky is Always Red

Sometimes it is hard to stay true to yourself because of the people around us and who they are and who they expect us to be in this society. Sometimes it is hard to be who you really want to be because you know that some people won't accept you if you do those things. So, naturally, you do everything you can to fit in and you work hard to become someone that you are not. 

Before I moved away, Peter made me swear to him that I wouldn't change. Of course I thought that this was just silly talk and why the heck would I change anyways? Peter smiled and said that he just wanted for me to stay the same. 

Then, the very next day, I left.

It felt weird to be leaving. I had never moved before and wasn't sure if I liked the idea of moving to a place far away from everyone I knew and liked. I knew I would not be seeing many of my friends every again because we were going so far away. I didn't want to go, but my parents insisted that where we were going would "have a better sense of community" and "the house would be bigger" and all that. 

Right before I left, I gave Peter a hug and told him that I would send him letters every week. But I think deep down we both knew that that would never last. Then my parents told me that it was time to go so I got in the car and we drove away. 

The End

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