"Where are we now?"

I asked even though it was apparent we were in the middle of nowhere, too annoyed that I had been teleported minus a warning.

Thing was such a...bothersome....thing.

Now I couldn't even think of any insults to shoot at him.

He probably had some kind of mind-zap effect going...with There-beings anything was possible, and Thing was something I couldn't even categorize with the knowledge I'd compiled over hundreds of years.

Well, with the knowledge I could remember, at least. Some parts of my life were just too blurred for me to recall and others were non-existent.

Even worse than blackouts. Not that I hadn't had loads of those too.

Drinking was alright, occasionally entertaining but more often than not dangerous.

Not because I was driving or anything, but more like because of the simple fact that my powers were still accessible when I was hammered.

Sure, a few towns (and an island) had been destroyed in some of my stoned stupors. Maybe even a couple mountains.

And if and when my inebriated self 'got lucky' much more than a typical mess was made.

Let's just leave it at that.

"We're at one of the thinning parts of the veil. Can't you sense it?"

I did. My pulse was rapid, erratic even. The familiar feeling of being watched was overpowering. The air was sticky and hot with the presence of things lurking beyond sight, rippling strands of silk blowing in the wind like a broken spider's web.  


"Now what, then?"

I breathed slowly, hoping I wouldn't get another vague answer. 

"Get them here."

Like that was possible. Sure, the silk-spinners could traverse the gap through own abilities of manipulating their forms but it was a fragile connection keeping them in a physical host. 

Bringing them directly through the veil with no hosts around was...not really plausible. They would be only half-tangible, unstable on the earthly plane.

But, then again, I was used to demands for the impossible. 

The End

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