I stood over the body for a bit too long, laughing at the sight of the heart in my hands.

It looked so feeble, nothing but a squishy lump of tissue soaked with blood and quickly losing warmth.

"This is all the human legacy is!" I chuckled to my dead audience, waving the thing around with no regard for their deadness whatsoever, "THIS is your legacy! Why do you insist on pursuing what you'll never understand? WHY?"

"Because the only way they can feel safe is by eliminating the unknown."

Looked like someone was back. 

"Don't even say a thing, Thing. You walked out on me just a little too easily."

He sounded to be dragging one of the bodies off somewhere as he spoke. 

"Only because I knew you didn't need me to help you clean this up."

I scoffed, grabbing the body I had just mutilated and pulling it along the ground and into a storage closet. 

"Yeah right. More like you thought our agreement meant that you had no obligation to keep me alive whatsoever."

"We both know that the three of those government agents were nothing more than a fly to you."

True that.

"Whatever. Just warn me before you disappear like that again."



Great, just great.

A sudden whooshing beside me was the only warning I had that he had reappeared, before he grabbed my arm and the both of us were pulled through the tube I liked to call teleportation.

I had teleported on various occasions with the power I siphoned from There, but in a way that I was moved There and then back Here but through another part of the veil, with the different time movements and all it took less than a second. 

Thing had a different method, one that felt more like traveling through Here at warp speed with nothing but a tiny light guiding your way. It was as if he'd managed some way to find a wrinkle in the fabric of space-time and pull the both of us through it.

That sounded like a book I had read, but the name was too lost in memory to come back to me. Oh well. 

Only issue was I ended up coughing blood onto my already stained shirt after the journey.

Grazed lung probably aggravated by the squeezing sensation that came with traversing the bunched-up space cloth.

Thing noticed, held out his forearm without a question.

I dug my nails into it and felt my wound knit itself back together, sighing in relief and letting go of him without caring about whatever marks I'd left.

The End

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