The guy running at me swung a quick right hook at my jaw, but I swiftly ducked under it and elbowed him hard in his side, getting a few seconds of breathing room before suitsy was lunging again.

I barely moved myself, shifting my forearm to parry every blow. 

These agents were getting better, but it still wasn't near good enough. 

He suddenly pulled out a taser and I hopped aside, another agent who was probably looking to ambush me from behind taking my place and falling to the floor in a twitching heap, her body growing unnaturally still.

My arm took the opportunity to shoot out and grab the taser-wielder's exposed neck, lifting him clear off the floor and turning to hold his struggling body between me and the final agent, who had already shot him within a split-second of my doing so. 

I couldn't help but laugh, tossing the corpse at my adversary and watching him panic. 

Probably a rookie, first time in the field and sent behind a killing machine like me. Watching a comrade fall for the first time, and from his own hands. How devastating. 

The mischievous part of me reached into my little reservoir of power, creating the illusion of an ethereal glow surrounding me and a deep echo joining my voice.

"It was unwise to pursue me, human."

Okay, so that was just a wee bit cliche, but it felt a bit too good.

"I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Please d-don't k-k-kill me!"

The kid was sweating a bit along his forehead, panic in his eyes. Probably just graduated university, had some girlfriend he wanted to marry, parents who were so proud of their model son.

One of my heavy boots squelched forward, and then the next. He held up a gun and shot, his fairly good aim getting a bullet to graze one of my lungs.

I kept walking, pulling the metal round out of my ribs and tossing it at him with a smirk.

"Ever heard of Huitzilopochtli?"

"One of the d-deities the Aztecs w-worshipped."

"Know how they made sacrifices to him?"

Before he could reply, a dread in his eyes, I'd used a bit more of my power and ripped my hand through his chest, pulling out his beating heart with such force that the arteries snapped, blood splattering onto me.

"That's how."

The End

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