My legs carried me on behind Thing, a smirk finding its way to my lips.

This was the perfect opportunity. Triggering an all-out genocide war between the two realms was definitely worth considering. 

I could use the resulting chaos to try and do what I had dreamed of doing; find the famed sword of N'zinn, a conqueror from There who was said to have forged the greatest weapon of all time during his rule of the continent of Atlantis. 

The sword was said to create a channel between Here and There; so that I could enter There in my human manifestation and never be discovered by those that wanted me dead. 

Only string attached was that the channel was based on the power of raw emotion, like a memory. In other words, I could use what I remembered of the other 'splitters and take myself to them and find a way to recreate their physical versions. 

Even though I had reached the pinnacle of self-preservation, I wanted nothing more than to find the others. It was a lonely business being the last of your kind. 

I had no friends, no family whatsoever. My multiple lovers and any acquaintances over the years had grown old and died while I remained the same, so much so that I eventually rejected the sentiment and distanced myself from the world.

My shriveled heart ached for a kindred spirit. To not be the only freak, to be understood.

With the sword of N'zimm (or Atlas as humanity called him) by my side I would save them all, and we could easily rule both worlds with an iron fist. 

We could conquer everything, take our rightful place. The hunted would become the hunters. 


I reveled in the vision, nearly bumping into Thing as he slowed to enter a convenience store. 

"Ugh, watch it." I muttered, even though the near-collision was obviously my fault. 

I would never admit it though. 

He instantly turned back to face me, the pupils of his eyes narrowing.

"Get down!"

I had barely enough time to follow the command before bullets were whizzing where my head had just been, along with the noise of trained voices.

"Surrender yourselves, or we will engage in open fire!"

That was just protocol. They were already shooting, damnit. 

Thing decided to dissolve into thin air right that moment, leaving me to fight off the CIA agents in their spotless suits, bullets ringing in my ears as I weaved through the air, scanning the fairly small space with fury pounding through my veins. 

Two agents behind the counter, and another approaching me rapidly likely in the hopes of a quick take-down. 

Time to dance. Solo. 

The End

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