The Skier's Guide Of Things Not To Do

Hilarious moments on the ski hill, and collaborative!

Farley Mowat described snow as "the fifth element". I believe it is the perfect description anyone could want. Powerful, frigid, and noble. Bending not to our will, but the will, only, of Nature.

I do not control the snow. I ski on it, yes, but the snow is not mine. It has it's own will, it is free. And when I am near the snow, I feel free too.

Freedom, though, has a price. Danger. Danger lurks around every corner, and so often I see someone falling, cracking, breaking bones, because of the sport we all love.

That, really, just heightens the feeling of freedom. We hunger for the thrill, and we bare the pain if we fall. Because we won't give up. The feeling of two pieces of plastic, metal, and carbon fibre under a foot is great joy.

And it would be my pleasure, to tell you, my reader, of my own moments in the skis. The moments in which I had my greatest triumphs, my greatest failures, and about what freedom means, to me.

Of course, as this is a collaborative story, you are welcome to write about your own skiing stories!

The End

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