Chapter V: Some Friendly Advice

Aidan skidded to a halt as he reached the school. Jeez, I've never run so fast, this stuff is crazy! He looked at his watch to find himself a full quarter of an hour early. Lucky for me, it means I can get in before I have to see Sharon. He didn't really want to avoid her, but it just seemed the best thing to do for now, especially now. It was just too much to deal with.

Instead, Aidan went around to the area behind the school where his friends usually hung out. The only one there was John, whose mother always dropped him off early, much to his eternal embarrassment.

"Hey John."

"Yo Aidan, what time is it? Shouldn't you be on the bus about now?"

"Heh, you'll never guess how I got here so fast."

John just raised an eyebrow at him. Aidan sighed and looked around before opening up his bag and showing John the contents. John just stared at the bag for a little while then back to Aidan.

"Dude, your dealing drugs now?"

"No you idiot. I found them."

"Found them?"

"Yeah, I found them, took one and now I can run, like, super fast and I can see without my glasses."

"And you can finally grow a beard."

"Huh?" Aidan grunted, "This bit of stubble?"

Aidan felt his chin and instead of finding the small bit of stubble and hairs he had seen in the morning, he found a thick, but short beard.

"Holy crap, dude! This stuff is unreal!"

"And you just drank this stuff that you found on the street? Are you insane? It could be like, toxic waste or something. Look at it, it's frickin' glowing!"

"You think I should test it out or something? Maybe we can let into the biology lab, stick it under a microscope or something."

"Sure, why not. Guess we better hurry up before you turn into bigfoot or something."

"Shut up."

"Hey guys, what's up?" a voice came from behind them.

They turned around to see the rotund, mousy-haired form of Peter Tanner, another one of the group and the guy who'd hooked Aidan up with the weed.

"Pete, Aidan's got some weird goo he found on the street. He drank it, the idiot."

Aidan punched John in the arm and showed Peter the bag.

Peter grabbed on of the vials and eyed it up against the sun. "Looks like Mountain Dew."

John let out a chuckle. Peter opened up the vial and took a deep sniff. "Ergh! That sure as hell isn't the Dew. Jeez, where'd you find this stuff?"

"I dunno, it was just lying around somewhere. Come on Pete, gimme it back."

Peter reliquished the vial to Aidan and then leaned against the wall. "Dude, you really are a dumbass, you know? I'm on weed every damn day and even I know not drink stuff you find on the street. It could have AIDS in it or something."

Aidan coughed and spluttered suddenly while John and Peter laughed. "Dude, that's not funny!"

"Look, we'll go have a look at the stuff in the biology lab over break, okay, stop being such a wuss." John said, "It's probably nothing, you're gonna be fine."

With that the bell rung and the group of friends went off to class.

The End

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