Chapter III: Questions

Aidan let out a sign of relief as he crept downstairs, only to find that his parents had already left for work. Thinking about it, he didn't want to have to explain the sudden changes in his appearance. Not to mention the lack of the glasses he had been forced to wear since he was small.

He hastily set about making a bowl of cereal, then on second thoughts took both the box and the carton of milk from the fridge and set them down on the table besides him. It seemed like only a moment before the milk was gone and he was hungrily eating handfuls of frosted goodness straight from the box. Jesus, why am I so hungry?

His body ached, but the pain felt far away, like a dim echo. He was still sweating, but he put it down to the hot day, deciding to ignore the fact that the aircon was running. He made sure he had everything packed, one last pre-flight check as his dad would say, and made for the door. He was halfway down the street before the vials called out to him, as if the five missed their consumed sibling. What should he do about them? Sure, he felt great, but in hindsight chugging back a vial of stuff he had found on the street didn't sound like that great an idea. Maybe he could take them to school, maybe Jack would know what it was, he'd given him the pot after all, or maybe he could get one of the chemistry nerds to run some tests or something.

"Aidan? Aidan! You alright dear? You're standing there like a statue."

Aidan spun around and waved to the elderly neighbour. Mrs. Stoker was a kindly old lady, Aidan occasionally looked after her cats for her.

"I'm fine Mrs. Stoker, I just forgot something, gonna go back and get it."

"Well, you better hurry up if you don't want to be late, you have a nice day now!"

Aidan smiled and ran back to the house, dashed up to the bedroom and grabbed the vials. In his haste one came tumbling down, smashing itself on the carpet and leaving a sticky stain. Aww, man, I don't have time for this. He quickly mopped up as best he could and threw the glass shards in the bin and then he was off, dashing down the street as fast as he could, much to the amazement of Mrs. Stoker who'd never imagined the boy could move himself so fast.

As he ran on, his heart pumped and his blood coursed through his veins, carrying with it the changes the contents of the vial was still working upon him. Chemical messages were exchanged, new instructions were passed out, new materials were being used. As his body worked harder, so did the new works going on within. Unbeknownst to Aidan, a grand change was coming about but quite what it would be would remain to be seen. His body was waking up and soon it would want some questions answered.




"No, no we never got confirmation that the missing contents were ever recovered. After the recent audit, we are certain that the correct number of cartons were shipped, that one set went missing must have meant one was lost during transit."

"Why wasn't something done sooner? Could it be espionage, some deliberate attempt to cover it up?"

"Hard to say sir. It's too early to tell. However our informants have yet to report anything interesting happening within any of our competitors."

"An accident then?"

"Again sir, it's too early to be sure."

"Well get sure! Ask whatever questions you have to, of whoever you need to, however you need to. Am I making myself clear? I want answers to be on my desk by the end of the week."

"Yes sir, I can assur-" Click.

The CEO hung up the phone. He did not like to be interrupted during while at home. This was meant to be his sanctuary, his time of peace and quiet. His fist clenched. Someone would need to answer for this, the risks of some fool killing themselves with the missing vials was too great, it could become a PR nightmare. Worse, a competitor could get hold of them.

He took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself and then returned to bed.

The End

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