Chapter II: Every Young Man's Dream

The digital clock went off, on the alarm setting. Aidan had gotten weary of the petty, pretentious, perverted disc jockeys of the stations that played his kind of music. Or maybe it was the myriad of condom ads that played between every song. So, all he heard was an incessant beeping drone.

What the heck? He stirred his sleepy mind from a boyish fantasy. Aidan woke up, lying on wet sheets. Have I wet the bed? He sniffed, nothing. There was no ferret nuzzled on his chest. It was an abundantly moist pool of his own sweat. However, he felt cold. He felt dehydrated. And he felt awake. Wearily, grabbed his glasses from the table and walked instinctively out into the hall, and then into the bathroom.

Locking the door behind him, he looked at the mirror. The room felt smaller than usual. And there was so much sleep in his eyes that he felt the need to rub it out. He put his glasses down on the counter, and rubbed his heavy eye-lids. And then, he could see.

Woah. It was more vivid than he had ever seen before. The zoom and scope. The lucid detail. It was uncanny. And he had not even put his glasses on.

The reflection was different. He stood in his briefs. Male. Caucasian. Brown-eyed. Brown-haired. The occasional mole. Average height. Wait - no, he seemed taller. Definitely above the six foot mark. The slender, skinny, weak body was no more. The acne that had once blemished his face had dissipated. Every nevi had faded from his flesh. And as he saw the telltale curves and toned outlines of a lithely well-muscled body before him, he gaped in awe. And he felt how very dry his mouth was.

His hand moved in a blur to the glass at the edge of the sink. He filled it with haste, and downed it in one long, open gulp. Then, again, he repeated this. Twice, then thrice. And he smiled. His jawline, once asymmetrical as a vestige of his premature birth, was now even. His teeth, in the mirror, seemed sharper.

He saw a mouse in the corner of his eye. It caught his attention with strange instinct. Cayden will take care of that infestation soon enough.

Then, the water moved through him. All three glasses, and he had to pee. Sitting on the toilet, contemplatively, he knew he was taller. He brought a hand to thoughtfully rub his chin, and found newly sprouted hairs there. This is too real to be any dream.

And then, Aiden knew, it was the mysterious green vial he'd tried. The carton of six, now five. And the strange spade symbol.

And his stomach growled, empty. He felt as if his body was drained of energy. I need breakfast. Lots of breakfast.


The End

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