Chapter I: The First Vial

            I hope I won't regret this.

            The hook was undone, and thus Cayden's cage was left open. He was a curious little ferret. He always had been. It had been very enjoyable when he'd been mellowed out by the second-hand marijuana smoke that had occupied his master's room the previous night. And now, he was restless.

            Aidan was not restless. He lay on his bed, tired. The radio-alarm across his room said 6:56 and the little light for PM was on. All in bright, red letters. He ran his left hand through his mess of brown hair. His right hand lay on his stomach, bloated with a good meal. And it growled, with discontent. It has unsettled my stomach.

            Cayden growled too, sensing something was wrong. He stood atop his cage, upon Aidan's desk, and watched the scene with worried interest. The shiny glass vial in his owner's right hand, now held but a tiny green drop.

            The teenager's left hand went into his pocket, and produced a lighter. It served no purpose, as Aidan chose not to smoke. The exception was the previous night's experiment with pot. He flicked it, absent-mindedly, and watched the tiny flame. Will it burn me out with this lethargic haze?

            The ferret leaped off its cage and landed on the edge of the bed. From the foot of the bed, it walked along Aidan's wiry body and settled on his ribcage. Then, it curled itself up.

            So tired. So very, very tired. With a click, the flame clicked off and the lighter fell to the floor beside his bed. Wearily, he took off his glasses and put them on the bedside table. Then, he placed the vial beside it. Black writing was on its side, '1 Adult Dose', and the symbol of a ringed spade.

            Cayden wiggled his tail.

            His body felt exhausted. His heart ached with broken ardor. His self-esteem was shattered. His homework was not even started. His experimental nature had done him in. His life was in messy disorder. He was out of control. He felt unattractive. He felt lonely. He felt unloved. Then, four hours before his bed time, Aidan fell asleep. Blood ran through his veins with a subtle green tint.

The End

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