Chapter VI: Science

Aidan sat at the back of the class, nervously kicking the legs of his chair as he counted down the minutes until break. He wanted to know what was happening, what had been in that vial. Despite his casual dismissal of his friends warnings, inside he still felt nervous as hell. He was scared.

At the front of the class sat Sharon, the seat that he usually occupied next to her empty. She turned around and so Aidan quickly turned his attention back to his work, hoping she wouldn't notice him staring.

Desperate for something to distract him, he leaned over to John.

"Psst. Hey John, how's your dad doing?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, he's doing okay. They are still keeping him at the hospital for observation, but it looks like he's gonna pull through fine."

"That's cool. You must be relieved."

"Yeah, it was touch and go for a while, they even had to cut him out of the car. I'll tell you what, if I ever meet the drunk that plowed into my dad, I'll give him a real sorrows to drown. Idiot."

"Uh-hem!" came a voice from the other end of the class. "If you boys at the back have quite finished your conversation, perhaps you'd care to pay attention."

Aidan and John snapped up, red-faced to notice the head-mistress accompanied by a beautiful woman. Aidan gawped and he was suddenly grateful his face was already red from embarrassment. This lady was hot. She was tall, but not so much to be intimidating with long, dark brown hair. her green eyes were framed behind delicate, square-rimmed glasses which only served to accentuate the femine contours of her cheekbones and jaw. His eyes moved further down to admire the smooth curves that made up the rest of  her body, clothed in high-class suit. Aidan's attention was fully on the new woman and so he almost jumped when John elbowed him in the side and pointed to Sharon who was glaring back at him.

"I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce your new science teacher, Miss Joquette. She'll be taking this class from now on, now that Mr. Jaworski is retiring." The head-mistress said, to which Mr. Jaworski nodded in acknowledgement. "At her request, Miss Joquette will be sitting in on the class to see how things are run here and to ease the transition. Congratulations Jarrad, you'll be sorely missed."

The head-mistress shook Mr. Jaworski's hand and some of the class applauded half-heartedly but when everything had calmed down the class seemed to return to normal.

"What do you think of the new teacher?" John asked, knowing the answer full well.

"Well, I'd sure like to do some extra-curricular studies with her, that's for sure."

John chuckled and they got back to work.

The bell rung and the students all filed out of the classroom except for John and Aidan. They hung back and then approached Mr. Jaworski as he was tidying up his desk.

"Could we use the lab over break?"

Mr. Jaworski looked over his glasses at Aidan then at John.

"Well boys, it's not up to me anymore, you'll have to ask Miss Joquette." He gestured to the new teacher. "Well?"

"I'm sure that will be fine. I'll have to stay and supervise though until I know I can trust you two alone in here." Miss Joquette smiled.

"Well there you have it. Goodbye boys, say goodbye to your classmates for me." Mr. Jaworski smiled as he lifted his bag and headed out of the classroom.

"So, do you two want to tell me what it is you want to do in here?"

Aidan and John looked at each other and then Aidan spoke. "I wanted to look at something with a microscope if that's okay."

"Well, you know where they are. I'll be here if you need me, going over Mr. Jaworski's lesson plans, okay?"

Aidan nodded and then he and John went about setting up a microscope at the back of class on one of the lab benches. John opened up one of the vial and with an eyedropper placed some of the fluid onto a slide and slid it under the microscope.

They were trying to get it in focus when Miss. Joquette called over. "Aidan, someone is here to speak to you, out in the hall."

Aidan left John with the microscope and went out into the hall. There he was met by two police officers.

"Aidan Patrick?"

"Yes. Is there something wrong officer?"

One of the officers checked a clipboard. "You live at 126 Green Avenue?"

"Yes, what's the matter, what happened?"

"There's been an incident at your residence. You'll want to come with us."

The End

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