The Sinner's Eye

In the dreary town of Southspell a disease spreads quickly throughout the small village. People are changing. One minute they're fine...the second their eyes turn a shade of blood red. They scream, claw, and curse at anyone close. Tabatha Powell must find the cure before the whole town becomes a living hell.

Tabatha Powell sat by the window looking out on the washed out roads of Southspell.  Screams of rage pierced through the thin walls of her tiny home. Shirley Powell, her mother, came down with the fearsome disease the Sinner's Eye only a week ago.  Through the food slot she could catch glimpses of her emaciated mother huddled in a corner muttering profanities.  Today she was unmercifully loud.  The town wise woman foretold of the disease months ago, but no one believe her rantings  of 'the eyes of blood and screams of death."

The screeches from the other room became eerily quiet. The thumps of her father's footsteps came closer.  He banged on the door.

"Shirley?"  No response, "Shirley!"

He sank down the door and put his head in his hands.  His dry sobs echoed off the walls.  Within the hour men in sterile suits lifted the deranged woman's dead bpdy onto a stretcher onto a van.  Tabatha watched as the van drove into the distance.  A hand rested on her shoulder and made her jump.

"Oh it's just you,Ben,"  She said breathing a sigh of relief.

"I'm sorry about your mom,"  He said stuffing his hands in his worn jean pockets.

"It's better this way.  She's not miserable anymore."  Tabatha started to walk down the muddy road towards the town gathering area.  People warily stepped out of their doors to go to the meeting.  Ben slipped his hand into Tabatha's for comfort.  The pastor stood on a raised platform. 

"Today we lost Shirley Powell a wonderful mother and friend. She-"

The town wise woman cut in, "If the cure isn't found.  We shall all suffer and die from this disease!"

"I don't see a cure laying around here!"  Someone shouted.

"It can be made."  The wise woman whispered, "A soul must submit themselves to the eye."

A gasp resounded through the crowd.

"The whole point of this is to stop deaths! Not to give sacrfices!"

"A price must be paid!  The eye is ancient.  The eye preys on hopeless towns like these.  It preys on the innocent of heart!  That means many of you will not be affected!"  The wise woman said stomping off.  Tabatha ran after her with Ben in tow.  Her dirty- brown hair started to slip from its holder as she ran after the quick old woman.

"I'm sure someone would sacrafice themselves for the cure."  She said trying to keep up.

"It's not that simple," Agatha the wise woman said, "The eye is hidden.  It will only give the cure if...the sacrafice goes unwillingly..."

The End

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