Look there is more trouble

“Wow, I can’t believe how you did that,” Henry says.

I am shocked. It wasn’t so bad killing the other small animal because I didn’t really care for it. It had been full grown and looked ugly. And the animal that I killed wasn’t a baby. Plus, I think I was going crazy on a killing spree. But now I guess it just hits me: I just killed a baby animal. It looks a little older than a baby, but it still is small. The fur on top of its head is a light brown, on the back it's a darker brown, and on its chest and belly it's white. It has similar features to the pointed nose creature. This baby’s nose is not as pointy. They have small little paws and a skinnier tail than that other creature. And I think its are cute. Very cute. Extremely cute. And I just killed it. I just took it’s life away and am about to eat it. This is us surviving though. You have to do what you have to do. It is hard for me to deal with this though. The baby creature’s whine replays in my head repeatedly.

“You sure you don’t have a gift? Because you totally took it by surprise.”

I don’t think this could be my gift. I never felt a connection to hunting. I barely figured out that I knew how to hunt. I think it’s just luck. It is just my inner survivalist expressing herself.

“Hey you doing alright?”

“Yeah um. Just seeing the little thing dead took me by surprise.”

“That is the reason why I can’t kill. But my mind tells me that now that it is dead I better not let it go to waste.”

“I can’t carry it. Will you?”

“Sure why not. Do I get to keep it on your stick?”

“No I need my spear in case I have to kill again.”

“I hope you’re not meaning to kill me.”

“Never thought about it, but thanks for the idea.”

“Wow, you’re a keeper. So why is it that you were a vegetarian?”

“I love animals and don’t want them dead and I don’t want to eat them when someone purposefully killed them.”

“But here you are doing the killing and you tried to eat one the other night.”

“I’m trying to survive. You’re welcome that I am hunting for you.”

“You won’t share this with me?”

“I just can’t do it Henry. It’s too much.”

“You need to eat Julia. You haven’t had anything since you puked everything up. I will not let you starve!”



“What happened to your parents?”

He goes silent. Wow, that’s a first, I think. He seems to be figuring out what he will say to me. I never noticed him do this before. He is really concentrating on how to form the words. Finally, he clears his throat and says, “Um, they were in an accident when I was a year old. And no one wanted to adopt me, so I grew up in an orphanage. And then I ran away, ended up in the town I live in now, and they decided they could use me. So I never really found out anything about my parents. Nobody even told me what kind of accident it was.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. That must be killing you huh?”

“I’ve learned to deal with it.” He looks over at me and forces a smile. “Hey let’s get this cooking. We will ask others if they found a water source.” I just nod in agreement.

When you are deprived of food and water your body feels heavy. Lifting my feet up to walk seems to be way harder than it should. And when I focus on picking up my feet it intensifies the heaviness of them. My arms swing out of my control, my body sways unnaturally, and my head spins. All I can think of is how this will just get worse. Nothing has gotten better yet, so why would it now?

When we get back to our tree, we find intruders. There are a couple of teens that seem to believe they control everything. Before the madness begins, I guessed it would come. Henry yells to them while we are a few yards away. The leader, I assume, turns to us with an ugly grin.

The End

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