Just a little hunting

Day Four: “Julia, I’m serious,” Henry says.

“Well, I think you’re crazy,” I say.

“I’m just putting my ideas out there.”

“Well stop.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t expect that to upset you.”

“Let’s just move on. Do you want some berries for breakfast? Or should I get some meat? Maybe I could find a water source. I don’t know what I would use to hold it though. But I am thirsty.”

“We can go hunting and gathering together. I don’t know when the next disaster will be happening.”

After we had split up into cities, Henry and I found a tree to claim as ours. There were no other tornadoes, storms, fires, or earthquakes. Night had approached soon after and I had been starving, but couldn’t get any food. Henry made a fire, but unlike last night, it wasn’t helping. The wind was blowing and it was super freezing. I had been up close to the fire all night, but still shook with cold and had chattering teeth. Henry had offered to cuddle with me, but I refused. His argument was that our body heat would help each other and we could have a better night's sleep, but I was fine with the sleepless night.

And the discussion we were just having was of why I had no power. Henry suggested that it was because of faith. I am the thing that will save us from all of this. He didn’t say how because he doesn’t know. But he believes there is a reason as to why I am powerless, that something about me is special, it’s just that it can’t be seen exactly.

Today is hot, extremely hot. And when entering into the woods I get a little dizzy. It is super humid and I am dehydrated.

“Whoa. You alright there?” He takes ahold of me as I tip over.

“Yeah thanks. I just really need some water. Why in the world is it so hot?” I shout.

“Maybe we need to strip a layer or two.”

“You have got to be kidding me!”

“I am. I am. I’m not that bad I swear. I respect your feelings towards me. Now let’s find you some water. Maybe we should go around asking about remedies for your burns.”

“I’d rather not associate with others. My burns are fine anyways.”

We search in silence. The humidity, my thirst, and my starvation starts to get to me, but then I remind myself that I can’t already be this exhausted. I will have to survive like this for a lot longer. I push myself to stay strong. I had to make a new spear because I lost my last one. This one I think is better because it's even thicker and sturdier. I have it with me at all times now. And as I search for a water source, I also search for prey.

The woods are just like any other woods except they are way more humid than how the woods should be. But the trees are trees, rocks are rocks, grass is grass, hills are hills. It all looks real, all feels real, but all of it was put here by man. It all magically appeared in front of us. Out of thin air appeared something that is supposed to form naturally. And as I walk, I fear that it will all disappear and I will fall. I will fall into nothingness forever.

I begin to wonder for the first time what would it be like after I committed my crime on my planet. Would I have gone crazy? I was already used to keeping to myself. So what would it have been like after what I had almost done? And I never really considered the entire planet. How did I think I was going to succeed with the planet being so huge?

“Julia…” Henry whispers.

I come back from thought and look at him. He points to a little creature. I take control of the situation. He hasn’t seen me kill yet and I don’t feel so comfortable with him watching, but I must concentrate if I want to be successful. I never thought of myself as sneaky before this, but now I can consider myself as just that. Very sneaky. I manage to sneak upon the creature with little effort and attack it from behind. As I spear it through the back, I have to struggle a little because it struggles. The creature turns out to be a baby.

The End

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