What's with the rocks?

"You did what?!" Merrick shouts.

Everyone turns to look at us and we both smile shyly then they turn away and start up their conversations again. If Merrick and I were different people, then everyone else would be all over us and wondering why Merrick sounded so shocked about me doing something. Luckily, I am a freak so nobody, besides my four friends, wants to have anything to do with me.

"I told you I was going to figure out what was there. But seriously there was nothing there at all besides junk," I whisper.

"You didn't have to sneak out of your house at night to go searching. That is even more dangerous," he lowers his voice.

"I didn't want to be seen around there again during the day."

"Tell me you're done going there."

"Yeah, I am. There ain't a thing there so it's pointless now. Man, I really wanted to find something."

"You're still curious."

"Of course I am. They keep us away for no reason. I want to know exactly why they say it's forbidden."

"Maybe once you're an adult you will get to know the reason."

"Yeah maybe. I would probably get the best chance of knowing if I went into my dad's business."

"Yeah, but we both know you aren't ever doing that."

"Never in a billion years no matter how curious I am. Plus even if I wanted to they wouldn’t allow a freak working for them. I'm moving away from here once I finish school." After that Merrick gets quiet, so I take the time of the silence to think. When I think I don’t have much to think about, I often imagine how my life would be different if I had a gift.

            A scene plays through my head; one day I discover I have a power. Gemma and Austin come up to me like any other day and tease me. Then I say, “I’d watch what you say to me.” They laugh hysterically, so I use my gift to force their mouths close. They look at each other in confusion. Then I make them start throwing punches at one another. I laugh as they are confused and terrified and angry with me.

The bell rings releasing me from my thoughts and us all from our long day of school. "So, Julia, want to come over for the weekend?" Jimalu asks as we leave the room.

"Yeah sure. I need to go to the library tonight though. Could you take me?" I ask.

"Tonight we are going to my grandparents for dinner. So I could take you, but I'd have to leave you there and come get you later tonight."

"Sure you can take me now then I'll walk home and pack and you can pick me up from my house whenever you can."


While walking out of school we pass Gemma and Austin. They both glare at me, but I pretend like I didn't notice. It doesn't take long for Jimalu to drive me to the public library.

"See you later girly!" Jimalu shouts as I crawl out of her car. I respond by smiling and waving.

In the library I find a computer and search up rocks. Oh, boy, there are tons of different kinds of rocks.

The End

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