The strange rocks

I run behind the buildings, so I'm not seen. After a while, I'm too tired to run, but luckily I'm in the less crowded part of town so that means I'm getting close to my destination. I hide within the shadows and close to the buildings just to be safe. And then finally I get here, the forbidden place.

I didn't think about it until now why exactly Gemma and Austin were hanging out around this area. They were curious as to why I was here and so I'm curious as to why they were here. I wonder if they found the secret entrance like I did. It doesn't matter because tonight I will find out what is being hidden.

I look around and it seems clear so I turn on the flashlight, pointing it at the ground. I can see at last. I push my way in and go straight to the next section that is to be checked. As I search, I continue to just find the same stuff over and over. I am going slower than before just so I don’t miss anything and because it is dark and my only source of light is this flashlight, so I can easily just look over something without realizing its importance.

From all that I have observed I have come to a conclusion; there is nothing that really happened here. I believe that the adults just destroyed this place and fenced it up and told us it's forbidden to scare us. Maybe they are covering up the leftover mess of a war, even though it is said that there has never been war and there never will be. Or they want to test us to see if we will behave and they want us believing that something horrible is in here to make us curious. There is nothing in here worth hiding. But I continue to search just in case.

I search, I search, and I search. I find nothing of importance. By morning the only thing that I find at all is this interesting pile of rocks. There is a hole in the ground like there had been an explosion and in the middle of it is a pile of awesome looking rocks. The rocks cover the entire bottom of the hole. The pile is a few inches deep and the hole is approximately three yards across. I was never into having a rock collection like some kids, but I did find some rocks cool looking. And these rocks are the strangest, yet most awesome rocks I’ve ever seen. They are all different kinds of shapes and sizes and most of them are a glossy black, but some are red, blue, orange, and yellow. And there are tons of them. The most interesting thing about them is that I can sense power within them.

But these rocks aren’t what I’ve been searching for. I walk away very disappointed. Sneaking back home was a little different. It was almost daytime so I couldn’t hide so easily. I tried my best to just act casual and stay not seen for the most part. Sneaking back into the house was easy. Everyone was still sound asleep. The time shocked me. I spent all night out. I hop in the shower and then get dressed for school. I return the flashlight and return my schoolwork into my bag. Then I leave my house yet again. I arrive at school earlier than usual, but I still just roam the halls.

The End

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