Sneaking out

The Past:  After dinner at Merrick's house, Merrick's dad took me home. We didn't talk while he drove me which to me made it a bit awkward. He had the radio playing though, so that made it not so uncomfortable. The drive from their house to mine isn’t very long, because for one thing, we live in a small town and then we only live two blocks from each other. But having to stop at a red light and a stop sign, it made it seem like a much longer drive. Merrick’s dad is nice to me, but I know that he is just like every other person on this planet. He thinks of me as a freak.

Once I’m home, I go straight to my room. I pass my sister on the couch in the living room. She doesn’t acknowledge me, which I’m actually thankful for. It’s nice when people don’t want you in their lives. I’m able to think a lot. I’m able to stay quiet. I’m able to avoid conversations when I don’t want one, which is all of the time.

In my room, I Iie down on my bed, on top of my covers. I take in a few deep breaths then close my eyes. I focus on the noise in my house. I only hear the television in the living room. The voices are only mumbles. I open my eyes and look around my room. Focusing on the ceiling makes me sleepy, but I force myself to stay awake. My sister should be in bed soon. She doesn’t like to be up late. My parents are most likely in bed watching tv or reading or maybe already asleep.

As I lay here, my imagination begins to go crazy. A song plays in my head as a scene takes place. The scene is from my past. I am six. Having no real idea why I am different from everyone. Not understanding what the big deal is. My parents took us to a park. I was off to the side by myself, playing in a tree, entertaining myself. When I had reached the tree, I examined it, then I flung myself up onto a branch. I climbed very gracefully up it to the very top. That was when I wished I could fly. I loved being up high and watching the birds be free made me want to be free. My imagination works in great detail. Seeing everything exactly how it played out, each color, each sound, each action.

The memory disappears when the song in my head ends. I sit up so I don’t accidentally fall asleep. The television is still on in the living room. So I tap my leg with my index finger as I let my imagination run again.

When I come back from being in my head, I hear nothing. So that means it is clear. I search around for my bag in the dark and grab it once I find it. I then search for a flashlight. After slipping on my shoes and a jacket, I slip out the door. I sneak my way through my neighborhood quite easily. Attempting to get through town without getting caught is a little harder because there are still cars out. Plus, this is the first time that I've snuck out of the house at night and left my yard. I have no true experience with sneaking out.

The End

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