Resettling in

After the long wait of the ground shaking crazily, we finally stand.

"Oh my," Aspen says. Yeah, there were few words to describe the huge split in the earth. The gigantic gap spreads along the ground for a long distance. I'm not sure where it ends. I notice that it separates us from some of the others. I also observe that the forest has returned and so has some of the grass. I walk towards the abyss and my friends follow. "Let's be very careful, okay?"

"So I can't jump into the darkness that may or may not hold creatures? I can’t jump, even though I don't have a clue when it ends?" I ask sarcastically.

"Haha, funny, Julia. But seriously, I don't want anyone accidentally falling in."

"You sound like a mother."

I hear all the worried voices as everyone files around the abyss.

"Do you think we can find a way over?" Someone on the other side asks.

"If you want to walk all the way to the end of this thing to get to this side, then go ahead." I hear someone on my side say.

"Does someone have a power that could help?"  

"I am a shape shifter, so I can turn into a bridge for you all to cross," someone says.

"Oh, that'll work!" A lady shouts. The man from our side turns into a bridge and everyone rushes to our side.

"Wait, why does it matter if we are all on the same side?! There are a lot of us. We need some space. We should split up on the different sides. We can build a bridge for when we want or need to go to the other side," I say. I don't know why I spoke up. It just came out of me, which is not like me at all. Ugh, this place is changing me.

"She is right. There are a lot of us. A lot. So we need to split up. It won't be too hard to make a bridge." I hear a random person say.

"How do we decide who goes on which side?" Some other person asks.

"Well, everyone should stick with their families and then we can try to divide up as evenly as possible..." Someone else speaks up.

"I don't think the sides are even. I'm sure one side is larger than the other," the first person says.

"Oh, yeah. Okay well first get together with your family, if you aren't already," the previous person says.

"Um, maybe everyone should get off the bridge, so that guy can go back to normal," I say. They rush off the poor guy, and luckily when he went back to his normal form, he was standing on our side again. People stick close to their families. "Henry, find Aspen’s family." Henry and Aspen talk, then he finds her family very quickly. They are on the other side.

Someone that can make their voice very loud takes charge. It doesn't take as long as I suspect it to take. We get back together with the ones with whom we are already familiar. Each city comes back together, except Henry stays with me and I don't go find my family. There isn't an even amount of cities though. So we split ourselves up by having the largest city go to one side of the crevice then the two smaller ones on the other side. We realize that one side is larger than the other, which works out well. The largest city is on the smaller half. And with the two smaller cities combined, the population is more than the larger city so it works this way.

I now stand with Henry on the half that is larger.

The End

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