It just keeps going

I'm soaked to the bone, and the wind makes me feel even more frozen, but as we jog by fires I get a few seconds of warmth. It is still surprising to me how there is so much rain, yet the fires are still alive. Everything going on is so chaotic and so not natural. The rain seriously has no effect on the fires and the extra rain that others are making pour down on the fires does nothing as well. The lightning seems to be getting worse. There is lightning striking every second and tons of the bolts hit an object. I’m not sure if a person has been hit by lightning though. But one good thing is that other speed people are now running around the tornadoes. And I notice that someone with flying powers is now flying around one of the tornadoes.

"Hey, crazy girl, what are you doing?" Henry is really close to me. He is almost pressed against me.

I jump and say, "Geesh! Don't scare me. I was just watching this disaster play out."

"Do you still want to die? Or would you like to run with me to safety?"

"Dying actually sounds pleasant, but I want to watch them stop the tornadoes, so I guess I'll run with you."

I hadn’t realized that I had stopped to look at the mess. I wonder how long I was standing there and how long it took for Henry to notice my absence. We start running towards the crowd again. It doesn't take long for us to catch up to Aspen.

"How nice of you to come back," she yells.

"Sorry, I get distracted by the beauty of natural disasters," I say.

"That isn't natural Julia!"

"Well, you know what I mean!"

"I see no beauty in this!"

"Well, I do!"

We get to the crowd and can no longer push further away from the tornadoes. "So, Aspen, why are you not with your family?" Henry asks.

"Got separated. When the storm began, they rushed off and I was standing there, shocked. But then Julia’s voice brought me back."

"Oh," I say.

"So if they do ever manage to get the tornadoes to stop, then do you think they will just reappear?" Henry asks.

"Yay!" Aspen yells.

"What is it?" I ask.

"Oh, just exciting news! They are going to stop the tornadoes and they won't reappear!"

"That's great!"

“Wow, that was a bit convenient. So anytime soon, you think?” Henry asks.

“Not sure,” she answers.

As I watch, I relax some. I know that we will be safe, so it's much easier to enjoy the scene of the tornadoes. I hear Aspen ask Henry a question, but I block out what they say. The speed runners are running so fast that I can't tell how many are there. And now there are more flying people, they aren't so fast so I am able to tell that at one tornado there are three flyers and the other there are two flyers. I'm assuming that the person that is staring up at the sky with her hands up is controlling the winds because the clouds are moving faster. Another lady has her arms up and her palms pointing to a tornado. I assume she also controls the winds. Others with wind powers start to help. I'm one hundred percent sure that Gemma's friend with wind powers is hiding somewhere, not helping. Her speed friend is also hiding.

No matter how fast they run or fly, the tornadoes keep going. And the ones that control the wind seem to be putting forth no force. The tornadoes continue to stay strong, the rain continues to pour down pounds of water within seconds, the lightning strikes fill the sky almost completely, and the fire is growing exponentially as if we haven’t done anything.

I witness one of the weirdest events take place. One tornado slows down, but then speeds back up in the opposite direction. Everyone trying to control the tornado stops for a second in confusion. Then they begin running and flying the other way.

“Did you guys see that?” I ask.

“That was the strangest thing ever,” Henry says.

“You can say that again,” I say.

“How is that possible? It slowed down so fast and sped up even quicker,” Aspen says.

“It’s not possible,” Henry says.

“It’s them,” I say.

The End

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