Will it ever end?

"Aspen!" I shout. She hears me and when she turns her face brightens. She runs to me.

"Oh my gosh, are you alright?! The fire really got to you!" she asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just trying to figure out how we'll get ourselves out of this mess."

"Oh, I know what you mean. My family believes this is it for us because they aren't being fair."

"Yeah, they sure are pushing us," Henry says.

"Oh, um, is this the ‘hunk’ Jimalu was talking nonstop about?" Aspen questions.

"Yup, I'm the hunk," Henry says proudly and smiles charmingly.

"Oh my," I say.

"Merrick and Jimalu have told us lots about him. Merrick thinks he is going to steal you from us. Jimalu thinks so as well, but she says it’s about time you found yourself a man. Haha. And Cort thinks they are both just making up stories. And I just thought that you didn't want to come find us because you believe your family is near us, so you decided to stay with your new friend." Aspen rushes her words.

"Wow, Aspen, that was a mouth full," I say, shocked.

"I know, I'm just nervous about what’s happening."

I look around again. It seems the fires have slowed down. They are still roaring very high, too high to be natural it seems. But at least the fire is staying put out for a longer amount of time each time someone kills part of it.

“I’m curious as to how they are controlling this,” I say.

The dark, thick clouds morph with the spinning funnel of gas and winds. The forceful tornado that goes from the sky to the ground may seem terrifying to some. The tornadoes are still destroying the ground and ripping trees from their roots. I catch the sight of someone getting swept off their feet by the strong winds. They are thrown a hundred yards away from where they were standing. Someone rushes to that person to check if they are okay. I look away not wanting to see anymore. Luckily, these tornadoes aren't so big. I heard that there of some huge tornadoes and I'm glad these people didn't create the biggest tornado for us to get killed by. But I could be wrong about people dying.

“They have to be pretty advanced with their technology,” Henry says.

The earth shakes again. The shock and jolt of the shake knocks us all off our feet. I fall onto my forearms which reminds me that I am wounded. The burns on my arms burn more intensely from the impact of the fall. I cry out in pain then tell myself that I must keep strong. I bite my lip, rejecting Henry’s help. Henry instead helps Aspen up who takes his offer willingly. I see that there is now a gigantic crack in the ground. From where I stand the crack doesn’t appear too large, but I know that distance can play tricks on your mind.

"Thanks...Oh, no!" Aspen screams.

"Oh, no, what Aspen? What did you see?" I say. I could tell she had a vision since she had that look on her face, plus she lost her balance just like every time she has a vision while standing.

"I don't even know what to call it. But it isn't friendly," her voice fades as she finishes.

"Oh great, that's wonderful." I say sarcastically.

"You think we should get further away from the tornado?" Henry asks.

"Yeah, good idea," I say.

We jog away from the tornado that seems to be slowing down, thanks to the speed guy. Even though the kid is fast, I would expect him to get sucked up by the strong force of the tornado. Even just standing this far away from the tornadoes, I’m having troubles standing. And even though this place is a large amount of land, there won't be anywhere for all of us to go if the tornadoes get closer to us and the fires continue to grow. We are already near the edge of the land and we can’t really go around the tornadoes, because they are both in spots that if we do try to go around one, we will get sucked up by the other. 

The End

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