And then there was more

"I hope your prediction is correct," Henry says worriedly.

"As do I," I say. The heat is even more intense now, because it has gotten closer to us.

"You two kids get away from the fire unless you can help!" some lady within the crowd shouts.

I look up at Henry and say, "I want to be the first to die if we are going to die."

"You are one strange girl, but I will stay by your side and die along with you."

That was a weird thought. We don’t even know each other that well and he is willing to die with me. What kind of a person does that with someone they just met?

I look around at the ones that try to kill the roaring fire. I assumed my mom would be helping, but she isn't apart of the groups near me. The fire has grown larger, nearing us even more. The heat is so intense I can feel all the hair on my body singe.

"Kids, get back!" A man with water power shouts at us. We don't say a word or move.  The fire gets closer. "Get back, now!" He shouts.

I look up at Henry. He looks down at me. He doesn't run to the crowd, he stays at my side, ready to die with a crazy girl he met a couple of days ago. I look at the fire and begin to walk towards it. The red, orange, blue, and green flames are beautiful, but extremely painful. I walk right into the flames, but I only feel the horrifying pain for a second. When I open my eyes again I am laying on the ground, curled into a ball. The fire has disappeared. Henry is at my side, squatting. I sit up and see that the ground has no trace of any fire.  Everyone disperses. Their joy and relief is expressed through laughter and cheers.

"Hey, crazy girl, what was that all about?" Henry asks.

"What do you mean?” I ask.

"You walked straight into the fire then it went out."

"I wanted to be the first to die,” I said. “I didn't know by walking into it I would stop it."

"You sure you don't have a power?"

"That wasn't a power. That was luck. They stopped the fire, so I wouldn't die."

"You think they don't want to kill us?"

"I guess not."

"Come on, let’s go home."

He offers his hand and I accept it. But as soon as I stand up I just get knocked over. Henry catches me and holds me while we look at the new disaster. Two tornadoes are forming. The clouds are huge and dark. Rain pours down. And lightning appears. I've never experienced tornadoes until now. They are magnificent, but terrifying. The ground shakes. This is a real earthquake, instead of what happened when we first arrived. People run away, so they don't get caught in the tornadoes and they hide from the lightning. It doesn't work out for them. The lightning hits trees and then there is more fire.

"Really?! Now what are we supposed to do?!" I shout.

"I have no way of helping, so I don't know," Henry shouts.

I realize that I'm still in his arms, so I remove myself then walk further away from a tornado heading our way. I also realize that my skin is black and bright red. Some parts of me are worse than others. My clothes are also wrinkled and black. I see that my skin is splotchy, fleshy, and bubbly. My wounded skin is painful, but I can’t focus on that at the moment. So I look around to see what everyone is now doing. I see people shielding themselves from everything the best they can. I see people calming the fires down. I see someone with speed running around a tornado, going the opposite way the tornado is spinning. I see Aspen. I see Aspen!

The End

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