Uncontrollable Fire

Day Three: As I watch almost everyone panic, there are groups of people that are trying to take control. Some have the ability to make it rain, so the fire calms down. Some can make the fire simply evaporate. Even with those who have powers to help, the fire continues to live. Once someone gets rid of the fire, more flames replace it. Those who are super intelligent are coming up with plans, but nothing seems to work. Their first plan they expect to work is to have all the fire destroyers use their powers at once. The fire is out for about two seconds, then starts back up again. The next plan is to figure out why the fire keeps coming back by finding its source, then attack that spot. Either they fail to find the correct source of the fire or this fire just won’t ever be put out. When the fire starts up it doesn’t return slowly, it’s just back instantly.

During this time, I just stand there watching. Jimalu leaves with her family. I had forgotten she was even here.

"What are you thinking?" Henry asks me.

"Hmm, I don't know what’s going on here, but I'm sure it has something to do with the ones who captured us," I answer.

"Yeah, they have control over all that's happening."

"They're testing how strong our powers are."

"Yeah. They will have a test for each power."  

"They can hear us, I'm sure."

"Most definitely."

"Then what do you think they're going to do with me? I'm powerless. If they will keep you all forever or destroy you, then what do you think will happen to me?"

"I don't want to think about what is to come after this week."

"Our people are getting exhausted. Soon they won't be able to have even this little amount of control over the fire."

"Maybe that's what the people are waiting for."

"You could be correct."

We stand there calmly, while mostly everyone is still freaking out. I see a few little kids that were trying to help, collapse from loss of energy. The intelligent ones can't think of anything besides just keeping it as controlled as possible. They say that maybe it will die out after a while of being kept under control. I look around and see nobody that I know. Everyone is squished in the center as far away from the flames as they could get. I assume that all the children are in the very center of the crowd because I only see adults and old people on the outer edge. There is shouting, crying, fear, and confusion. Nobody understands how this could be happening to us.

We were perfectly content on our small planet away from these maniacs. Well, I wasn't, but everyone else was. Even Merrick liked living. He told me that his gift sucks, but the gift of life was worth living even with his horrible power. I wonder how he is taking this. Probably just like before, when I first saw him out here. Others begin to fall from exhaustion. The fire grows larger.

The End

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