The trouble continues

The Past: As I run, seven powerful people chase after me. Austin can run fast because of his strength, so he is on my tail in seconds. Gemma can control electronics, so she could be making televisions chase after me, but she knows not to bring attention to us. A friend of theirs can manipulate the Earth, so at any time, the ground can shake beneath my feet and knock me over. Another has strength as well. One has control over the winds, so he can knock me off my feet at any time he wants. And another friend has control over metals, so a metal monster can be formed to come after me, but again they don’t want to attract any attention.

Austin’s friend catches up and is on my right while Austin is on my left. His friend tackles me and the others form a circle around me. Metal Girl can sense that I have a metal ankle bracelet. She has me hanging upside down a few inches off the ground. I don't allow myself to scream. Wind Boy pushes me with the winds. Earth Girl opens the ground under me. Below is complete darkness. I spin out of control. Gemma must have made all the lights red because no cars drive by.

Austin says, "She's not even screaming. What's the point of this if we aren't going to kill her?"

"We can't kill her! We can't make her scream! Ugh! She is getting on my nerves!" Gemma shouts.

"At least everybody hates her," Wind Boy says.

"Not everybody. She has her little group of friends that feel sorry for her," Gemma says in disgust.

"So why can't we kill her?" asks Earth Girl.

"That's not how things are solved in this world. You know these people don't like violence. So if we got caught, there would be no life for us," Gemma answers.

The End

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