Bumping into trouble

The Past: On my way home, I seem to accidentally pass by the group of people I never wanted to know.

"What are you doing out here alone, Julia?" Gemma says as she approaches me. I ignore her and continue to walk.

"Hey, answer her when she's talking to you," Austin says. I keep my head down and try to pass them.

Gemma steps in front of me and says, "Austin, I will never believe you ever dated this retard! How did it work out? I know you could have used her, but it seems like that would be a lot of work. She doesn't listen very well."

"Oh, shut up! I told you to never bring that up!"

Once upon a time, I dated Austin. I thought he could protect me from others. He didn't care what others thought of me, at first. He stood up for me and was super sweet. My family was completely shocked with the news of having a boyfriend. They are actually shocked that Jimalu has been my friend for so long. At least Jimalu hasn't turned her back on me like Austin did. I assume he got angry with all the comments about me, so he left me. And has been trying to get with Gemma ever since.

"It appears I don't take orders from you. Now come on, Julia! Answer me!" Gemma pouts.

"I was walking," I utter.

"Duh! Why are you walking all the way out here by yourself?"

"I just am."

"Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re a loser. You should be careful around here."


"Let's cut the chit chat! Julia, you better run. You running will make this more fun." Her smile is like a slap to the face. I do just as she says. I run as fast as I can.

The End

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