"Found you!" Henry shouts while he runs to me. When he is able to see me better, he stops running. "Whoa, you got something!"

"What, you didn't think I would?" I shout. I carry my spear in one hand and in my other I hold a small critter. The tail is very puffy and curled. It has rough fur that is mainly gray and white with some light brown. It is chubby with tiny paws and big black eyes. The ears are also tiny. The total length is around two feet long and it doesn’t feel too heavy.  

"I didn't know you had the ability to do it."

"Yeah, you wouldn't believe how I got it."

"Want to tell me over dinner?"

"We need to figure out how to clean and cook this thing first."

“We’ll figure it out together. Trial and error, darling.”

“Quick question, how did you find me without knowing my date of birth?”

“Oh, yes, I can find people that I know. Just if I haven’t seen them or remembering seeing them then I need their date of birth and name.”

“Okay, good to know.”

We find our way back to our tree and manage to make a fire. A few people stare at us. I assume they know we got something. A man walks over to us and examines our situation.

"You went hunting?" he asks.

"Yeah, I did," I say.

"Need help with the cooking?"

"Is this just an act of kindness or do you want something out of it?"

"I was thinking we could do some business. Maybe you could hunt for my family tonight and I will help you cook this up."

I look over at his family. These are people I've never met. Maybe he thinks I have some power to help me hunt. There were others with fires and a few with animals they were cooking. I guess he came to me because we were the only ones that were having trouble with the cooking. It seems he doesn't want to leave his family. I'm sure he could hunt on his own. I guess it wouldn't hurt to help out this one time.

"Sure, I'd love to help. Maybe this will be a good example to others that we can all work together and get along. We are all the same. We each have families and feelings and thoughts and wishes."

"Yeah, you're correct. Hey, um, where's your guys’s family?"

"We are a family. Married young. Why you got a problem with that?"

"No, not at all. Just making sure you kids were alright."

"Thanks for your concern. Okay, I'll go hunting for you. Actually, you can take this critter here. If I bring back extras, you can have some more for your family."

"Thanks, young lady."

"Come find me, Henry." I stand up and take off again. 

The End

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