More about Henry

"You don't know me."

"I think I know that you're a good person."

"You shouldn't be so sure about that."

"Why is that?"

"I'm not that good of a person."

"Oh, come on! If you're a party girl, then that's alright."

"So why aren't you with any of your friends?"

"I don't have any."

"What? Why not?"

"I'm too busy with work, plus all my friends have turned their backs on me. My ex told everyone I stalked her. They all believed her, of course, because my power makes me the best stalker in the world. I wonder if others like me have had the same problem."

"I'm sorry. That girl doesn't seem like a good person and obviously your friends weren't good friends."

"Yeah. I'm glad I don't have anybody sometimes. But most of the time I'm lonely."

"What's your job?"

"I work with the police finding missing people. I'm in a big city in our state, so I am needed a lot."

"You're a good person then."

"Now how do you know that? You shouldn’t be so sure of yourself."

"Oh, haha."

Darkness occurs too quickly. It shouldn't even be dark yet. The day didn't seem to last a whole day's worth. I watch Henry and see his confusion as well. Others around us appear confused, but they just stay settled down.

"I am guessing this is how it works in their world, or it's like how all these trees and hills occurred." Henry says.

"I'm assuming they want us to hunt for food." I assume.

"Oh yeah, you could be right." Henry agrees.

"You think you could kill an animal?" I ask.

"Honestly, no, because I love animals." He answers.

I love animals as well. And that is the reason I became a vegetarian. But I know I have to survive. Something overcomes me and I just feel the need to eat. Eat anything. Eat meat.

"I'll do the hunting."

"You're going to get us food?"

"A girl can hunt."

"Okay, you can take care of yourself."

"Like my spear?" I hold up my stick I was picking at earlier. I made it into a good-looking spear.


I swing down the tree and look up at Henry.

"Come find me when you think I’ve got some stuff." Then I take off.

As I run to where there are more trees, people stare at me. I'm just this crazy girl running with a spear. I would have never thought I would be hunting an animal for myself and a stranger. I'm not even hungry. I just want something to do. Also I want to know if Henry will come to find me later. The idea of hunting thrills me for some odd reason. Maybe it's the fact that I am doing it on my own. My spear isn't that wonderful, so I'll go for something small. It would be fun to attack something large and way more skilled than I am. Maybe by the end of the week I will.

Whoa, I have changed so much in such a small amount of time. I am not sure of who I really am. I have never been sure of myself. But now just within these last few weeks I have changed from one thing to another and now to another.

The End

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