Day two: power makes people greedy

Day Two: I don't know how long I’ve been hiding up in the tree, but now I decide to engage myself in conversation with Henry. "Henry?"

"I'm here."

"Would you like to come up here?"

"Yeah, sure. Be up in a sec." Henry swings himself up and climbs until he is sitting on a branch next to me. "Oh boy, that was fun. So you want to talk?"

"Do you think after this we'll be going home?"

"Yeah, I actually do. So, Julia, where do you live?"

"Um, I live in Synic, Nerthly."

"That's cool. I live in Resa. We're neighbors."


"I know you don't like talking about this, but were you born without a gift?"

"Yup, born without it. Nobody knows what's wrong with me."

"Nothing is wrong with you. You're actually special."

"It's not a good thing. I'm a freak."

"You're not a selfish, power-crazy person like most people. I know that it's been good for our world. Like, there are no wars or anything. But I know that won't last forever. Already, kids at my school are starting to create groups. Not just any normal groups, but groups that plan to take over the world."

"You can't be serious."

"I'm serious. The Muscles are the most serious ones about this. But they're the stupidest ones. The ones that have mental control over things are the ones that I fear. I’m afraid they will get so crazed and self-confident that they will go through with it. Our generation sucks. The kids these days are so dumb."

"This ain't good. Hopefully they aren't stupid enough to try it. But I know they won’t be powerful enough to take over the whole world."

"That's what I'm hoping. If it is just the kids, then yeah, I am not really worried, since they won’t know how to do it. And since you're in a smaller town, I'm sure you haven't heard about the little incident on the other side of the world."

"What are you talking about?"

"They didn't want everyone to find out because they didn't want anyone getting any other ideas. Anyways, what happened was a small group of some teens and adults tried to rob a big business. They got caught, luckily, and another person used their gift to erase the criminals’ minds. They didn't get their whole brain wiped, just up to the point right before they started getting the crazy ideas that they could use their gifts to better themselves."

"Oh my gosh! No way!"

"I like that you don't have a power, because then I know I can trust you to not go crazy with power." Oh boy, only if he knew what I was about to do before this. He wouldn't like me then. I'm a trustworthy person, I believe. But I almost did something horrible that would've made nobody ever trust me again. I almost turned into the person that he hates most. Why should I care so much about what he thinks? He even admitted that all the people that are gifted are selfish and crazy. Since I'm not one of those people, then I think I have the right to want to do what I almost did. I never did it, so does that still make me a bad person?

The End

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