Settling in

"Are you serious?" He asks in shock.

"Yes man, now leave her alone," Merrick defends me.

"I'm not harming her! I can do what I want!" Henry shouts.

"What is going on here?" I ask. I'm super confused with why they are both getting so worked up.

"Nothing. Nothing’s the matter. Julia I-"

"Merrick, honey, let's go," his mother appears out of nowhere. Merrick looks at me, silently asking if I'm going to come along.

"I'm going to go find a tree to climb so I can be alone. I'll come find you later."

"Stay safe, Julia." Merrick leaves with his family and I look for a tree. When I spot a tree a little ways away, I walk towards it. Henry follows.

"So it's true, you don't have a power?"


"Wow. I'm sorry."

I don't say anything. Nobody has ever said they were sorry to me for that reason. Merrick knows I don't like talking about it so he never brings it up. He'll say things if I start talking about it, but he hasn't said he's sorry. "Julia." I reach the tree and finally look at him.


"I know you want to be alone, but can I stay down here while I wait for you?"

"Sure, if that's what you want."

I climb the tree easily and quickly. I go as high as I can go then manage to sit comfortably. I wonder how they're able to watch us everywhere we go. If they have little cameras everywhere, then that's a lot of cameras. I grab a branch and break it off. As I think, I pick at the tip of the stick. Henry sits down, leaning against the tree. It's weird how he wants to stay around me. I'm sure he has friends that he could find. And wouldn't he have like, a family that he was put into? I wonder what happened to his family. As I gaze at everyone from where I rest, I see that things have calmed down. Families stick together. They pick a tree and make it theirs. People introduce themselves as they pass by. And conversations about what we are to do are going on. We know that we have to survive out here for a week. That's what I plan to do. I plan to just stay out of everyone's way.

The End

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