This isn't natural

"So, what's your gift?" Henry is now facing me, eager to learn.

"My gift? Um, well I'm also the only one in the entire world with the gift of mine."

"And what is it?"


"Julia doesn't like talking about it. Maybe she could tell you later if she feels comfortable enough."

"Um, okay..." The ground shakes and shifts and everyone panics. Henry grabs me and pushes me to the ground. He hovers over me and we watch as others go to the ground while the scene around us changes. Mountains form, trees appear, plants pop up from the ground, animals appear and run for safety, and then the rumbling in the ground stops. I take a deep breath then remember Henry is on top of me. I look at him and he stares back at me. "Are you alright? Sorry if I hurt you on the fall. I didn't know if anything was going to happen, but I wanted to make sure you were safe."

"Could you get off of me?"

"Oh, yeah, of course." He stands up then offers me his hand. I only thought for a second about letting him help me, but I push myself up, rejecting his offer.

"I'm fine. I can take care of myself."

"Well how am I supposed to know that if I don't know your power?"

"Believe me, she can take care of herself. And I'm sure she doesn't appreciate you throwing yourself upon her," Merrick says.

Whoa. I’ve never heard Merrick say something like that. He has tried standing up for me before to Austin. But that didn't work out. He just got bullied as well. Usually Merrick keeps quiet, like me.

"Sorry, I was just trying to protect her," Henry says.

"She doesn't need your protection," Merrick says defensively.

"What's your gift?"  Henry turns to me and asks.

"I, uh, I don't have one," I say quietly as I hide my face.

The End

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