We found Merrick

“Merrick!" I shout when I see him. I run to him, but stop myself once I reach him. This isn't me. I don't act like this. I keep my feelings locked away from others and I think before I act. I don't show my feelings to others. "Um, hey. How are you feeling?"

"Hey, Julia! You came to find me? I'm overwhelmed with emotions. Who's this?" I see that the boy is now standing by my side.

"Hello, I am Henry. I helped your girlfriend find you."

"Oh, she's not my girlfriend. We're just good friends."

"Then I helped your friend." Henry is a few inches taller than I. His hands are soft with long skinny fingers. He has short black hair that is super shiny, bushy eyebrows, long eyelashes, and sensual lips. His voice is deep and sweet.

"Julia, why did you leave your family?"

"I wanted to make sure you were okay. And you know my family doesn't care about me."

"That's not completely true. Deep down they have feelings for you. They just don't know what they're overlooking."

"I don't know if I'm intruding, but could I maybe just stick with the two of you for now?" Merrick and I exchange glances. We're both kind people, so we both nod.

"Great, thanks. So go on with your conversation."

"Um...well, Merrick can we not talk about my family? I would like to help you with what you're going through."

"Don't worry about me. I got things under control."

"What's your gift?" Henry budges in.

"I'm able to feel other’s emotions. Each time I make eye contact with another person it opens up their feelings to me. So all I have to do is keep my head down and deal with the emotions I'm already feeling."

"Wow. Nobody I've ever met has that power."

"Yeah, I know. My parents found out that I'm the only person in the world with this power."

I knew this already. Most people don't know it, but Merrick told me. Everyone in our town just believes he's the only one in our town with the power. They think there are others in the world with this power, just that it's very rare. But nope, Merrick is special that way. He has to deal with the hardest power. I think that is one other reason why we're close. Because we are the only people in the world with something unique about us. We both hate it, and we've both agreed that my situation is stranger than his.

The End

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