Hey, who are you?

The town that I live in isn't large, but it's not tiny. I still know everyone that lives in my town because my dad is important, and well, I'm a freak. When I was younger, I was introduced to every doctor in my state. Random people would stop by to see if it was true that I was different. My parents didn't allow my being different to be announced to the world. Only my town and some towns close by knew of me. I look at these people and get a sense that they don't know I'm different. I wonder what made them decide to take my town. How would us surviving a week out here be useful information to them?

Fear is within each person I see. Most likely all of these people will learn that I'm worthless. The man leaves and things turn for the worst. People shout and cry. Anger, fear, hate, anxiety, curiosity, sadness is what is in these people. I must go find Merrick. I know that everyone has their powers back and Merrick will be dying.

"Merrick!" I shout. I leave my family. I know they won't care where I go and what I do. Others huddle with their families and people try to figure out a plan. "Merrick!" I jump and push through the crowd. I see so many people I don't know and others I do, but I don't see Merrick. "Merrick!" I yell as loud as I'm capable. I have never been this loud in my life. I like to be by myself, but right now I want to be with Merrick and I don't care what others think about me at this moment.

"Excuse me, are you okay?" I turn to see a young boy, about my age. He approaches me slowly.

"Yes," I say a little too loud.

"You sure? You don't look so calm."

"Just trying to find my friend." I calm myself down a tad.

"Why aren't you with your family?"

"Why aren't you? You don't need to be asking me all these questions. I can handle myself."

"I don't have a family."

"Oh! Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I'm usually not like this!"

"It's alright. I understand you're under a lot of stress right now. Could I maybe help you?"

"How could you help?"

"I'm able to find people at any moment in time."

"Okay. Then what do you need to know to find my friend?"

"Name and date of birth."

"Merrick Simmons. April third, nine-hundred-ninety-nine."

A couple seconds pass. "I got something. Okay, follow me."

He takes my hand and pulls me with him. If he didn't have complete control over me I would have yanked my hand from his grip. But I decided since he was helping me, I would allow him to guide me this way. Soon I begin to think it's hopeless. There's too many people and we're all still squished together. It'll be way too hard to find any of my friends. I see everyone using the power they possess and the joy on their face sickens me. I'm again surrounded by powerful people, while being the only one powerless.

The End

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