Are you legit?

Day two: I awake from my dreamless sleep and see that mostly everyone else is stirring as well. People stay quiet as they become fully aware. There are a few babies crying and kids complaining of hunger. I couldn't get comfortable at all on this hard floor without a blanket or pillow. And knowing that today we are going to be tested didn't help when trying to sleep. A horn blows loudly and wakes the others.

Everyone is to their feet quickly and then we hear a voice: "You will be leaving the room here shortly. Please follow the instructor’s orders and get to the designated area without any troubles."

A door opens and a man stands there waiting for us to file out. Nobody moves though. The man shouts, "Get a move on!"

Everyone stands with their families. Children whine and are shaking with fear. Mothers try to calm them. Still, everyone looks around, wondering who will make the first move. I want to make the first move. I want to be the bravest of them all, but I believe if I do make a move, others will think I'm the dumbest of them all. So I stand still, waiting for some brave soul to find out what is outside these doors.

That brave soul is Merrick. He steps forward and walks toward the doors. His family follows and other families begin to shuffle their way out. My family and I are in the middle of the crowd. Other families speak encouraging and calming words to each other. My family members don't acknowledge me. Outside this room is another room, but much bigger. There's a hall that we go through, and then out another door. We are now outside the building, within a fenced grassy area. There is nothing besides grass, no hills, no water, no plants, just grass. It's a very large area. So large I can't tell where it ends, but I'm one hundred percent positive that there's a fence all around us.

"Listen up! Everyone filing in is from your planet! We took the people from three of your cities from your planet and brought them here! You will go through a series of tests and you are being watched! We will be watching you the entire time! So if you manage to escape, you won't be on the run for long. All you have to do is survive out here on your own for the rest of the week!"

Gasps. My people murmur among themselves. I look around and study faces that I've never seen. Survive out here for six days? 

The End

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