Something unexpected happens

There are tons of people that populate my planet, so we categorized people into groups. There are all sorts of powers and most of them are known. There are a few people that have a unique power. The Volitant are the ones that have the ability to fly or levitate. The Malarkey can manipulate you by speaking in a special way. You can’t get past lying to any Credence because they detect every lie you tell. The Polymathy are extremely intelligent. The Pickwickian could be the most interesting people because of what they can do. Everything is clear to them. Their gift is complicated, yet they see nothing as a complication. They see multiple uses for every object and so much more.

After class, I say my goodbyes to my friends and I walk down the halls alone while listening to rude comments targeted towards me. Merrick always offers to walk with me so I don’t have to be alone, but I turn him down each time. It's mainly Austin and Gemma and their group that insult me.

Finally, I leave the building and instead of heading home, I just walk straight. Sometimes I wish I could just walk straight off the planet. If I just disappeared from this world, things would be better for everyone. I wish I could make myself have a special power. Maybe I could just pretend I found out what power I possess and make something up that nobody could tell I was lying about it. Or maybe I could- I didn't notice that I walked far and found myself at this place. I am standing on the forbidden hill. Beyond this hill are, supposedly, very horrible and dangerous creatures and substances. It's a small area that's blocked off from everyone. And that's the confusing part that I’m trying to figure out. I mean seriously, how did I get through the gate?

The End

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