School day continues

"Julia, do you want to talk?" Merrick quietly asks while I take my seat next to his.

"You know I don't like talking about my problems."

"Doesn't hurt to ask. It's good to talk about your problems. Maybe, just maybe, one day you will want to."

"Today I don't."

"Well, happy birthday."

"Thanks, Merrick."

"I'll give you your gift later."

"Gifts. Ugh."

Jimalu rushes to us and plops herself next to me. "Howdy y'all! Guess what I just heard!"

Cort appears from behind saying, "You just realized that it wasn't your imaginary friend, Kat, that told on you when you colored on your bedroom wall?"

"Hey, stop bringing up my past!"

"Stop yelling at me and I will."

Aspen comes in and smiles sweetly. "Hey you guys. Happy birthday, Julia."


"Happy birthday, Julia," Cort and Jimalu say at the same time.

"Anyways, as I was saying! I just got news, I get to help with prom next year."

"Good for you. You're going to make it be great," Aspen says.

"Was that sarcasm?" Cort asks.

"No! Why do you always try to make me sound mean?"

"You never are, so stop worrying about it."

"Shh. The teacher is here now."

"No she's no-"

Our teacher enters the room and shuts the door. It's strange how Aspen sees the future in one of two ways; nothing in between like a smaller crisis, such as a car accident. Either when something really important and major is going to happen or nothing important at all, an event with no real meaning.

Class goes just like any other day Cort telling of funny events that have happened to people, Aspen tells people the good things that will come of the future. When something major is going to happen, she'll tell adults. Jimalu teleports around the room and teleports to an ice cream shop to bring back some orders for a group of people.

Merrick stays by me. He and I talk about his gift. At times it's overwhelming for him. He can't choose when he feels others emotions. So he is always feeling everything at once. When he looks into someone's eyes, that's when he begins to feel their emotions and he'll continue to feel ‘em. I try to help him focus on his own feelings, but it's hard, because I don't know what could help. I don't know the confusion and depression he's going through. It would suck to have ten different feelings at once. And he doesn't always know who they belong to. He says I help, but I don't believe him. He tries to convince me that by my talking to him, it helps him focus and block out others’ feelings. I don't understand how that's possible, so I just don't believe it. He refuses to share his thoughts to the class about his gift. Others want him to guess what they're feeling, but they don't understand that his power pains him. The teacher is understanding though, so she allows us to just talk all period.

The End

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