School life

When I get to the living room, I spot my mother.

"Morning, Mom," I say.

"Good morning, Julia. Is Jimalu giving you a ride to school?"

"No, I told her I was walking today."

"Well, get going, girl."

"See ya later. Have a good day."


I leave the house and start walking. Usually it's the oldest and the youngest that are loved most, and the middle child that's forgotten. But in my family the first two are loved and I, the youngest, am forgotten. I don't care that she forgot my birthday. I'm glad she did. I hate my birthday so much. What I don't like is that she doesn't love me because I'm different.

Luckily, my school is only one mile away, so it doesn't take long to get there. I like to walk to school every once in awhile because it allows me time to think. We have our six regular school classes and one class where we get to have fun with our special power. Since I can't do anything I have to observe the others. And watching others show off when you are different, isn’t pleasant. Being different ain't a good thing, it sucks majorly. To start off the school day, I hear rude comments about me as I walk to my class. When I arrive to my first class, it goes silent, then there are whispers. I take my seat in the back of the class and wait for our English teacher to begin teaching.

There isn't any violence within my world, besides the messing around during The Games. Our world is filled with peace. But I'm the first and only person to ever not have a power, so this bullying that goes on is strange to the adults. They don't know how to handle it. Plus, they don't like me. They believe I'm a curse. So bullying is allowed, apparently. Plus, the adults don't usually witness the bullying. School is slowly played out. I "learn" in all my classes and then comes my last class, the gifted class. Everyone loves this class best, besides me. They all laugh and mess around. I observe. All my friends are in this class though, so I also talk every once in awhile.

The End

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