Before the capturing

Two weeks before getting captured: Today is my seventeenth birthday. I wake up and like every other morning, I begin to test myself. I test myself to see if I have a gift. And just like every other morning, I am without any special powers. So I change and get ready for the day. My house is silent and there's no noise outside that I can hear. It's somewhat relaxing and somewhat disturbing. As I walk down the halls to the living room, I pass all the photos of my successful family.

Every family member is showing off their powers. There's a bunch of pictures from The Games. The Games are where everyone uses their gift to pass tests, then if you get to the end, you battle with another person. It's supposed to be fun and all, but lots of people play competitively. Even if I could, I wouldn't ever be a part of The Games. I don’t like attention and I don’t like competitions. The Games usually last a couple of days because each test is setup to be very complicated and difficult. They are televised, but you can also be a part of the audience in the stands. The Games take place in each town, but you can also go around the world so you can defeat other people from outside your town.

My older brother and older sister have won a couple of times. My parents are of course oh-so-proud of them. My parents grew up playing as well and have won a bunch of times. That's actually how they met, is through The Games. I guess they figured out they are a great team. They almost tied, but in the end, my mother won. I always figured my dad let her win, but he insists she won all on her own. My mother has a gift for ice. Ice just comes popping out. It's pretty cool, actually, because every winter our pool becomes an ice rink. My father has a gift for steam. He can create one great steam room. And when they work together, they can create dry ice. My older brother, Calvin, has a gift of invisibility. It wouldn’t have been fun to play hide and go seek with him. And my older sister, Natalie, she has a gift of shape shifting. You didn't want to make her angry, at all. And then my parents had me, a powerless child. They had wanted more kids, but feared if they had another, it would end up like me. 

The End

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