Deep in thought

Out of our group of friends, Merrick is the oldest. Then Aspen is the second oldest. They are the ones that try to keep calm and stay in control of every situation. Jimalu is only a month older than me and Cort is the baby of us all. He still acts younger than his age. But we all are in the same grade and we all find ways to work together. Even if we do have arguments, we all manage to get along. And I believe if one of us were to leave then we couldn’t ever be whole again. Unless if it were me to leave. They could deal without me. I am already distanced from them, most of the time.

I sit a couple of yards away from them and close my eyes while I lean against the wall. I imagine what it would be like to see Gemma dead. I hate her, like really, really hate her, but I wouldn't actually want to see her dead. I don't think it's fun for anybody to die. It's a tragic event. How could I have almost attempted that horrible plan of mine? I was enraged with anger when planning, but even the next week when I wasn't even that angry anymore, I still was going to go through with it. I had a secret hide out and got everything ready. And then, of course, the day I was going to put my plan into action, these people from the sky came and took us away.

I suddenly get the feeling of being watched. Yes, I know people have been watching me for a long time now, but someone must be staring directly at me. I open my eyes quickly and look around. None of my people are looking in my direction. I look up and see an old man staring at me through the glass. He sees that I'm aware of him, but he continues to stare. I wonder if he knows that I'm the powerless one. I stare back at him. I can study these people like they study me. He is medium height, wrinkled, grey, and big boned. He looks very professional and very concentrated. I can tell he's one of the men in charge.

He stands with his hands behind his back, with his chin raised up, his shoulders pulled back. He is confident, that is what he shows me. I sit up and look at him more intensely. We should not show our fear to these people. We must show them that we know we are better than them. But I am like them, I am actually less than them. I have no authority in anything. I have no power like them or my people. I can pretend, though. At first I stared blankly at him and now I glare at him. Our stare down comes to an end as a woman whispers something to him.

The End

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