More drama

"You're going to let them control us like guinea pigs!" Austin shouts.

"Son, don't start an argument with me."

"Okay everyone, I agree with Rick on this. So let's get back to socializing huh?" That was my dad, Toby. He never likes to cause problems. He is a businessman and is well known. Well my entire family is well known because of me, little miss worthless. The crowd spreads back out within the room and I'm able to breathe normally again.

"Well, didn't get a word out of the freaks," Jimalu says, disappointed.

"I can't believe you made that into a huge chaotic mess," Aspen says.

"She was just having some fun," Cort says.

"You call that fun?"

"I call that excitement!"

"Oh my gosh, you got problems."

"You know it, girly."

"Don't call me that!"

Austin and Gemma walk over to our corner that we have gone back to. Gemma is queen of the “barf bags”. She, along with every member in her group of girls, is as thin as a twig. I would love to smack her around the way she smacks her lips all day. She doesn't stop bossing everyone around. She gets lots of attention from guys. I ain't gonna lie about her looks, she's pretty with long blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and defined cheekbones. She is also tall, which the guys like.

"Hey Julia, I'm surprised you're here," she snaps.

"Yeah same. I wish I could be on the other side of the glass watching you suffer."

"Where did that come from? Have you been learning a thing or two from your besty Jimalu?"

"Whoa there, girl! I don't talk like that! Julia has her own streak of darkness to her," Jimalu says proudly.

"Why have you been hiding your bad side?" Austin asks.

"I don't want anyone suspecting I was the murderer of the two of you."

"Yikes," Gemma says.

"Scat, you rats!" Cort says.

"Oh, no worries, we don't want to intrude on your pity party of loserness." And then they're off. I have no idea what they had just accomplished.

"Julia, how did you get so violent?" Aspen asks.

"I guess it all got to me. Can I have a little alone time?"

"Take as much time as you need, Julia," Merrick says with concern all over his face.

The End

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