Causing problems

"Oh come on, you’ve got to show me a little respect after dragging me off my planet!" Jimalu shouts. The older folks of my people turn their attention to our small group. Jimalu continues to make a scene. "Why don't you just leave us alone?! We don't deserve being treated like creatures! Doing this won't help you solve anything! All you will prove is that we have powers, which you already know! So you punks better let us go!"

"Jimalu, I think that's enough," Aspen says delicately.

"There's plenty more I can say. If they don't like me, then they can kiss my black a-"

"Stop it right there, Jimalu!" Aspen says it in a way that's meant to scare Jimalu, but has no effect.

"Why are you always telling everyone what to do, Aspen?" Cort asks.

"Why do you always have to question me?"

"Guys, why do you always have to fight?" Merrick asks quietly.

"Hold up, hold up. Aspen, tell me why I shouldn't put these people under the spotlight?" Jimalu addresses her.

"They have complete control over us. You don’t know what they're capable of. So we need to figure this out through a calm conversation."

"The hell with calm! We need to kick some major butt!" Cort shouts. Now everyone's attention is on the scene my friends have caused. All the men and women studying us have no change in their expressions. They watch with eager eyes.

"Who put you in charge, boy?!" I turn and see that Austin was the commander of that question. Austin is, well, um, you could say he's a donkey. He has bullied me for years and has more recently developed a liking of bullying all of my friends as well. He believes he's “all that,” because he has strength as his power. He is tall and muscular, the biggest kid out of all of the others gifted with strength. He has brown curly hair, but you can't tell his hair is curly unless he grows it out longer.

"Whoa, I never said I was in charge, bud," Cort says. To everyone else they might believe Cort is afraid of Austin, but he is far from it. Cort knows every little secret of Austin’s and he knows he can destroy Austin if he wanted to.

"Good, because we need a real man in charge."

"And maybe that man should be an adult, son," Austin’s dad says while he steps forward so the crowd that has formed around us can see him. "Okay, we all know we can't really do anything because of these people watching us day and night. So all we can do is do what they want. Maybe if they can't seem to get the results they want then we'll get out more quickly but for now, do as they say and eventually we should be free."

The End

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